Hit the Bench

I once posted about our ongoing house hunt, and it's been, oh, several weeks now since and I've neglected to provide an update. This was done for many reasons, mostly to avoid jinxing ourselves and mostly to avoid speaking too soon. Which I sort of did. Because the houses I posted about are likely out of the running. The good news is that the home we've been waiting on *for over two friggin' months* is potentially just around the corner. And that's all I'm gonna say about it. Because we mostly don't want to jinx ourselves.

In the meantime, however, I've been picturing furniture arrangements, decorating options and wall hangings. We've acquired a bunch of new things since returning from Scotland and are dying to have a space to put it all into. Not to mention bring home our two adorable dogs and two grumpy old cats, who've been staying with our parents all this time!

One of my most recent "wants" is a dining bench for the kitchen table. We do not currently own an official dining table, just a scuffy well-used kitchen table that suits us just fine. But I often wish I had more seating. The kitchen table comes with a sturdy leaf that we insert during the holidays, but I still only have four matching chairs. Do you see my pickle? :)

But I've been picking up what others are throwing down, and it seems that building or buying a bench of your choice is the easiest way to add extra spaces around the table and it brings an interesting design touch to kitchen space as well. The home we're waiting on might provide enough space in the kitchen to leave the leaf in the table all the time, which would be perfect.

Here's what's got me thinking:

{The Lettered Cottage}

{Centsational Girl}

{via My Life My Loves}

{Taylor Ridge Distributors}

{Better Homes and Gardens}

Where do you park your extra seating?


  1. I think the bench idea is GREAT!! By the time you ARE in house you will know exactly what to do! Looking forward to seeing you day after tomorrow!!

  2. The one we want also has a bench but dark wood (not sure what you are looking for). It is from World Market and a great price.


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