Happy Turkey Day!

Hey ya bunch of turkeys... happy Thanksgiving!

In the spirit of the holiday that is all about being grateful and eating our little hearts out, I wanted to share a recent night spent with the family we're shacking up with (until we close on our house!). Since we are in Dallas with family, it was a great opportunity to prepare and enjoy a pre-Thanksgiving meal with them. As if we won't be getting enough food during the actual holiday... the husband and I have three family dinners to attend, three I tell you! And to think I have totally avoided haven't put in 40 hours at the gym this week. Hope my belt has an extra notch on it. :)

While preparing dinner, however, we were privy to some sideline entertainment when four-year-old M decided to dress her Weiner dog in a cheer leading outfit. Hilarity ensued.

M trying on my boots, once she was done dressing the dog.

Now on to the cooking. My husband recently spent a couple days hunting in Kansas (expect pictures soon!) and brought back a hearty supply of pheasant and quail. I have never ever (and I mean ever never ever) cooked wild game before, so this was my first foray into said prey. Fortunately, it turned out delish! We avoided messing with the grill and opted to cook the birds in the crock pot - I figured this was a safe first venture to avoid having the meat get dried out and not have enough flavor.

First Mike took the meat off the bones:

I scoured the Internet to find a recipe to go off of, and spotted this one loaded with ingredients that sounded like they'd get the job done. (You want to subtly mask the gamey taste the wild birds can have, but still keep them fresh and moist and full of flavor.) 

Another reason I chose to go off the list of ingredients in that recipe was because we didn't have time or marinate the birds overnight, so I wanted flavors that would complement the meat in a short amount of time. Once the birds were de-boned, we put them in the bottom of the crock pot, added all the liquids and seasonings and turned it on high. Three hours later and they were cooked to perfection!

In the meantime, I made a fruit, meat, cheese and dip tray for everyone to munch on while the food cooked. I love making appetizer smorgasboards, so much to choose from!

To add to my day of cooking "firsts," I also made my first seven-layer bean dip.
Layered half the dip in yummy olives from the antipasta section at HEB.
Texas-shaped chips are awesome.

I set the table with some pretty autumn-colored flowers and a vase that the family had on hand made from gorgeous mosaic-like glass tiles. Turkey napkins and a couple pumpkins finished off the simple tablescape and it was time to eat!

We had broccoli cheese rice casserole:

Garlic sauteed squashes:

Traditional sage stuffing:

Rolls brought over from Spring Creek Barbecue:

...and freshly-shot quail and pheasant!

 It was a feast for the eyes, mouth and heart! 

My husband and I wish each and everyone one of you a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. We appreciate you taking the time to read Texas Tales and to share part of your day with us. Happy eating!

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