Autumn Madness

I keep meaning to do a new post, then by the time I finally finish up client projects and my work for the day, it's 1am (or 3am, more recently!) and I'm exhausted. So you'll have to excuse the lack of updates lately, because apparently I'm experiencing a case of "Autumn Madness." But it's a good thing since most of the madness means I'm busy with work (always great when you own your own biz), we're traveling to see friends and family, the husband is away hunting, or we're scrambling to close on our new house (deadline is Nov. 30, eek!).

We arrived back in Houston around midnight last night, it was yet another long, late drive. I kept myself awake for the last two hours belting out all the words - and I mean, all - to Miranda Lambert and Faith Hill songs. Oh, and I think I sang "If I Die Young" about three times. It was epic. My husband is rarely bothered when I do such things and I think he slept through some of it (though his poor ears probably weren't spared). He'd returned from several days of hunting in Kansas yesterday and had spent 13 hours in the car, so we were both tired to begin with!

I haven't done a My Recipe post in awhile, but I'm thinking about making a pot roast dinner tomorrow night. So I'll be sure to snap some pictures and post the dish for you guys later this week - as well as any fun weekend activities my overworked brain can recall and a recap on the husband's hunting excursion. In the meantime, isn't this fall scape just gorgeous? It's geared toward a wedding, but I think that table is really pretty and those blankets look nice and cozy.

{postcards and pretties}

Reminds me of the dinner parties my mom and I have had recently. You can read about them (and view our pictures!) here and here.

Now that I've finally done a new post, I'm behind on work so I better get back to it. Hope you are having a fabulous week, and please share your weekend round-ups or dinner party escapades in the comments section!

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  1. Yay!! I am always happy when you put up a new post! By the way, you also left the glass pumpkin and gourds on the dresser. I will keep them in a safe place until you return.


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