Gig 'Em!

Sometimes a day hits you just right. The sun is out, the sky is blue... there's not a single piece of fluff in the air to block your view. You've got your loved one with you, plenty of friends around and you just bought a pitcher of ice cold beer for eight bucks. An order of Tijuana fries is on its way, and there's a rickety wooden table and chairs perfect for your upcoming game of dominoes, while you stand surrounded by young hoodlums who remind you of your not-so-distant college days.

Welcome to Aggieland.

That's me on the far left, proudly sporting my A&M jersey.

The husband and I had been looking forward to catching an Aggie football game since the blistery winter we spent in Scotland. I recall it being about January when we were daydreaming of American beer, football and warm weather. Our wish was granted this past weekend when we drove to College Station for a day spent on the town (namely the proverbial party street dubbed Northgate) and took in a football game that evening. It must have been our good luck we brought with us, because the Aggies beat Oklahoma soundly, only adding to the merrymaking scene which continued well into the night.

I am pretty sure I ate my weight in cheese fries that day and to top it all, wolfed down a late night cheeseburger before we threw in the towel and made for the hotel around three in the morning. But grease and calories be damned, because it was all delicious and I'd do it again! (But you might catch me doing a frantic run or two on the treadmill this week, lol.)

The next day we groggily recalled the past night's events over chicken fried chicken at Fitzwilly's... it was always our usual place for "recovery lunch" after a round of mayhem and trouble on a Saturday evening. It was fun to be back in a college town, a Texas college town at that, and soak up all the things we enjoy so much.

We wish we lived closer to some of our friends, but are grateful we can share experiences like these every now and then. It also reminds us we're not the galavanting young 20-year-olds we used to be and recovery time is a bit slower this days. Thank goodness we take it all a weekend at a time. Here's to fun remembered and the new memories created as we go...


  1. It says this was posted TWO MINUTES ago! I am Johnny on the spot!! I always love seeing your pics and catching up on what YOU have been up to!

  2. Posted this up on the Northgate District page. Glad you enjoyed your trip back to Aggieland...let us know and next time we'll have a hot plate of Tijuana fries waiting for you!



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