My Recipes: Mediterranean Wrap

Let it be known that I'm not a big fan of sandwiches, wraps, gyros or any other food medium encased in a bread enclosure. It's just never that exciting to me, so I usually opt for more interesting menus.

But, I didn't say I never eat them.

Anytime I might have the odd hankering for a traditional lunchtime meal (aka a sandwich or wrap), I like to make it mine - which means adding all sorts of heavenly ingredients. It's blasphemy to simply slap a piece of lunch meat and some mustard or mayo on some carbs and call it a day. Where's the fun in that?

Hence today's recipe post (and lengthy introduction). My Mediterranean Wrap is a great way to revamp your boring noon-hour meal, as well as use some of that leftover Thanksgiving turkey or ham in your fridge!

Whole wheat tortilla (or any other variety)
Feta cheese
Hummus (any flavor)
Red onion, chopped
Olives and garlic (optional)
Turkey, ham or chicken
Fresh lettuce
Salt & pepper to taste

The key to a successful wrap is this: the fresher the ingredients, the better. Flavor is good, too. 
I like mine on the spicier side, so I use peperocinis for a bit of bite...

...health-conscious reduced fat feta and zesty jalapeno hummus...

...and fresh marinated olives, red peppers and a garlic cloves from my local grocer's anti-pasta selection.

Slather your tortilla with some hummus, and lay on the red onion...

...then toss on your anti-pasta items and meat of choice. (Yes, I enjoy whole cloves of garlic.)

***NOTE: Do not use raw garlic! Your eyes will water for days and it's hard on your digestive system. 
Marinated garlic is fine, tasty to eat and will be kind to your stomach. :)

Finally, add your lettuce, feta and salt and pepper.

Roll up and enjoy your non-traditional, absolutely delicious bite of wrap!

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