I hear sleigh bells...

It's not too early to get in the Christmas spirit, is it? I've already posted about holiday decorations, I just ordered our Christmas cards yesterday and now I'm playing around in Photoshop creating montages with candy canes and holiday greetings. You'll notice my blog has also succumbed to a wee bit of a makeover.

I can't leave things the same for very long, I have this inherent need to constantly make something better or improved or prettier. You get the, ahem, picture. And since I've still no home of my own to decorate, well...  you're lookin' at it kid.

How are you getting in a holly jolly mood for the festive season? 

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  1. You are one of the most creative people I know!! Creative with everything you have....words and pictures included! You are one of those 'outside the box' thinkers!


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