Lamp Re-Do

While in Dallas a week ago, I decided to peruse the local thrift store in case I should find any "hidden gems." My mom, being a faithful patron, has always inspired me to find the treasure in another man's trash. Sure enough, I can away with what I feel confident in describing as a small haul. (Keep in mind that for a gal with no home as of yet, I sure am getting a leg up on decorating!)

Here's what I scored:


Inspired by Centsational Girl's creative blog posts, I decided to try my hand at spray-painting a lamp and giving it new life. So I scoured the shelves searching for an old lamp with "interest" like some curves or detail that would look better if improved on a little bit. I settled on a brassy gold lamp for $7. Plus, I even lucked out and found a tan linen shade in good-as-new condition for $6!

One trip to Lowe's later, I picked out some hammered bronze metal paint and the necessary supplies to shield my respiratory system and hands from any wayward spray.

I didn't do any cleaning, sandpapering or dusting. I just sprayed down the thing and let it dry for about five minutes, then sprayed another thorough coat:

It turned out great! My first true "renovation" project. I love the textured look from the spray paint and this made-over lamp now resembles the $40 versions at local home decorating stores. 

Amber: 1. Project Failure: 0.

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