{Weekend Recap} Cowboy Up!

This past weekend we were up and running as soon as our feet hit the floor. Harrison had been poking his fingers in his ears for a couple days, although he didn't have any congestion and wasn't pulling at them, but we decided it'd gone on long enough and wanted to get him in to the pediatrician to rule out an ear infection. We also had a vet appointment for our white lab, Shiner, who's allergies have kicked into high gear and he needed some adjustments made on his medicine. I rescheduled that one for a little later and we fed the babies breakfast then I whisked Harrison away to the doc—even though I almost tried to take him to the veterinarian. Hard to keep track sometimes! Little man loved getting to run around the empty waiting room, only trying to escape once or twice. The kids are getting tall enough to reach door knobs and handles and they've watched us open them enough times to start getting the hang of it. Time to child-proof entries and exits now, too!

Fortunately an ear infection wasn't the culprit, his top molars were just starting to come in and the doctor credited itchy, bothered ears to pressure from that. Shiner got some help with his allergies and we spent the rest of Saturday playing with babies, watching TV and hanging out as a family. 

Sunday morning my mom and step-dad came over so the husband and I could go to a Cowboys football game. I'd given him the tickets a few weeks ago as a surprise for our seventh anniversary (Sept. 30) and we'd really been looking forward to it. Anytime we leave for longer than two to three hours, I have to work a little harder to get everything prepped and ready. I pre-made the quads' lunch and snacks, had them all dressed right after breakfast and prepped their cribs with toys and blankets for nap time. My mom and LD did a great job of keeping them all happy and entertained while we were gone and I could rest easy knowing they had everything they needed.

The game was a lot of fun! It was our second time to the new AT&T Stadium and we both agreed we'd enjoy a laid back afternoon with a couple Cokes and some nachos, but were both jonesing for a cold beer after we'd driven past all the tailgaters to park. So we grabbed some margaritas and hung out downstairs for a little while taking in all the festivities then headed to our seats...at the top of the stadium, four rows from the back! But lemme tell ya, they sure did design that stadium well. Our seats were about in the middle of the stadium, which was nice, and despite being so far up there we had a great view and could catch all the details on the super sized TV screen.

In the photo above, the husband is holding a $20 Jack and Coke!! I'd also wondered what drinks made of gold looked like...stadium prices!

This month, the Cowboys are giving a salute to all those who have or currently are in the service. It was really touching to see the giant American flag on the field before the start of the game, and at half time they recognized several veterans from World War II, the Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq wars. There were also several men and women currently in the service who were there as well, and they all received a standing ovation. 

We got home from the game in time to feed the babies dinner then crashed hard a few hours later. It's exhausting to go out and have fun with four kiddos to come home to! But we really appreciate these opportunities to get out by ourselves and be carefree for a little while. The stress and pressures of home life are a lot for anyone to keep up with and we both agree that breaks are extremely important to our relationship. 

What do you do for date outings?
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P.S. Up next, a rustic pork chop recipe!


  1. Love your new header, Trystan and Kailey's smiles are precious!
    Glad Harrison did not have a ear infection, hope those top molars don't cause Mom to much problems;)
    Sounds like a great time at the Dallas Cowboys game..use to watch them just about every Sunday when Tom Landry was coach really liked him.
    Now I am into college football, attended my last tailgate/game this past Saturday :( We will be in Florida when the Tigers play their final home game against the Aggies Thanksgiving weekend.
    Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Good Morning, Amber. I have to tell you that I almost spit my coffee on my computer screen this morning when reading your blog. The part of almost taking Harrison to the vet just cracked me up. I could only imagine the face on your vets office if should up with Harrison. Too Funny. I also was curious if they placed the whole bottle of Jack in the glass of Coke, for $20 you should have gotten 2 bottles of Jack. That is absolutely crazy the prices they charge. So glad you had a great time and the stadium does look amazing. Sherri


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