Happy Halloween from Four Little Birdies!

Have you seen my four sweet birdies? They're adorably cute and have been getting an unprecedented amount of butter cookies and chocolate chip treats this week, thanks to the sugar binge momma and daddy have been on in honor of Halloween.

I bought four bird costumes a LONG time ago, when I was still very early in my pregnancy. They were  on clearance for $2 apiece and I thought they were cute and appropriate. When she was in the NICU, we always called Trystan our little owl since she was constantly awake and alert with big bright eyes watching everything and everyone. So naturally she had to be one of the two owls along with Logan and Kailey and Harrison were tall, lanky red birds.

Being their first costumes ever, it was hilarious. I wasn't sure they'd like the idea but they loved being dressed in them. And they loved the hats. Not one of them took theirs off! They would point at each other and giggle and belly laugh, then run around and point some more. Later in the afternoon, they saw their costumes stashed on the easy chair in their play room and all grabbed one and brought them over to me, holding them out and grunting and moaning for me to put them back on! I settled on putting their bird hats back on and they've been wearing them all evening. They've also had a blast playing with the mini pumpkins I gave them to distract them during the photos, and have lined them up on the windowsills, in front of our magnetic chalkboard fireplace cover and rolled them around the carpet. Logan was even brave enough to straddle one of the big pumpkins and attempt to ride it!

My mom emptied all the candy I bought into bowls so I've got a whole stash by the front door, ready and waiting. We'll put the kids to bed (they'll go trick-or-treating next year!), then man the porch with sweet treats—and empty wrappers from the few pieces that definitely need to be taste tested first.

Happy Halloween!
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P.S. A big thanks to my mom and step-dad for helping entertain the quads while I snapped pictures. Sometimes it takes a village and a half.


  1. So precious, wonderful photo's:)

  2. Such sweet little birdies. Happy Halloween to your family. Sherri

  3. They are the most adorable little flock I've ever seen!

  4. So, so cute! I love your little flock of birdies!

  5. OMG... They look absoulety adorable!! Lovely pics x

  6. I love the new blog design! I was wondering about the date in the header you say that's the babies birthdate - ? 2006? am I reading it wrong? Just thought I'd ask because I know I have mom brain but I don't think they were born in 2006.... ha ha

    1. Haha no you're not wrong! I must also have mom brain because 2006 is the year I got married, the babies were born in 2012!! I've got a new header in the works so it'll get changed soon anyway :)


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