Feel Good Days

This weekend has already been just what we needed. The husband and I have both been so busy that it's been nearly impossible to sit down and catch up with each other lately. Which is hard, since we're normally pretty attached at the hip. We still crave that one-on-one time and prefer not to reserve that simply for special occasions. We treasure our time in the evenings when we get the kids to bed and are all caught up and can sit down on the couch together with a TV show. We relax, drink a glass of wine then talk before bed. Some nights we're too tired for it or one or both of us have late-night work to do, but our time together sure is important. We try to book the nanny or grandparents so we can head out to dinner or the movies at least once a month and we do an overnight getaway at a nearby hotel probably twice a year right now. But nothing beats simple days dedicated to being together as a family of six. Especially with little on the agenda and the time and energy to get a few of those small odd-and-end projects done while the quads play or take their nap.

For Thanksgiving, the husband has been off work—after being out of town numerous times in the past two months—and we're enjoying a fantastically long, family-oriented weekend and we still have a whole other day to go! I need to start wrapping gifts as I only have one more Christmas gift left to purchase and then I'll be making the remainder of my gifts next week. To think, this is late for me! The last two years I had Christmas wrapped before Halloween!

This morning, after breakfast, we dressed the kids in adorable new outfits I scored at Carter's Black Friday sale (it was 60% until noon, so I got there at 10am...I do not do early!). We wanted to get them out and we hadn't gone for a family meal in awhile so it was Texas Roadhouse for steaks for lunch. The kids were so well behaved and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Daddy got a big margarita and the babies gobbled down rolls, green beans, steak and fries! It's such a point of prideful accomplishment right now for us to get to take the kids out on our own. :)

The rest of the day we've worked around the house and spent time playing with legos and building blocks in the play room. A shrimp scampi dinner and four baby baths in the kitchen sink later, and we got the crew put to bed and then laid in our bed talking. You know, those conversations about our kids, how amazing they are, our plans for the future, our plans for tomorrow, looking at the big picture, admiring the small picture. Those conversations are priceless. Plus it feels good to rest. I've still been recovering from the husband being out of town for a solid week recently. It leaves me wiped out when he's gone for only a few days!

And now I'm making a late-night cup of dark hot chocolate in my snowman mug after a hot shower and plan to watch half a movie in bed before falling asleep in cozy sheets. It feels good to have feel good days, doesn't it?
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  1. Yes, it DOES ! You deserve all the good days you can get! I love hoe you love your family !

  2. Ahh, that sounds fantastic! I do not do early Black Friday either. I'll hit the web for Cyber Monday today, though. I'm impressed you have your shopping done. I have the quads mostly done, but that's it. Work to do!
    We treasure that private time too, and need to do a better job of following your lead on date night. We do the whole wine and TV evenings sort of thing, but wrangling babysitters is more challenging.


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