{Quad Squad} Easy Button Sandwiches

So I totally have to give credit to a triplet mom friend of mine for this idea, it's been huge for my crew! Make your typical PB&J sandwiches and use an apple corer to punch "sandwich holes" in the bread.

Ta-dah! Easy, mess-free mini bites.

For their sandwiches lately, I've been doing peanut butter and honey. They seem to like those a little better than jelly lately, but we'll revisit the jelly soon. And since they're all sick at the moment, I gave them a special treat for lunch and made sandwich buttons with Trader Joe's cookie butter (yeah, it's really like butter made out of cookies!) and some local honey. I've heard that locally-made honey contains great properties for fighting allergies and colds as they're geared toward area-specific allergens. Can't hurt!

It's the easiest lunch ever, and we've been using these for when we're out during lunchtime, like play dates at the mall. A little diced cheese, snack pouches of applesauce and honey grahams and a canister of milk and we're good to go! Another triplet mom also shared that you can soften apples for eating by soaking apple slices in cold water for a couple hours. I'll be trying that next!

What's your favorite toddler-friendly food tip?
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  1. Thank You!! Will relay this great idea to Dd, no matter how you cut 3 yr old sandwich he ends up with the mayo/mustard or pbj all over his face, this is perfect.
    Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Such a good idea!! I am always amazed how what healthy meals you prepare for the quads! Of course you and Mike eat healthy, as well! See you soon!!

  3. I always did this for my kids even for school lunches for preschool & kindergarten only I used cookie cutters with my kids names and spelled their names out! Cute idea and everyone liked it! I also did other cookie cutter cut outs for fun some days. Anything to get the little ones to eat. Honey should not be used for babies under one year of age. I know yours are now though. Just wanted to throw that in there in case someone may not know. :o) Cute babies. I don't know you but I enjoy reading your blog. Have a great day!

  4. What a great idea! I'm adding a apple corer to my list of things to buy right now!

  5. Local honey IS awesome for allergies and lots of things! To see results, you should give them a spoonful every day for at least a week ; )

    Neat idea with the corer!


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