{Five Things} New Purchases!

Today, my Five Things is all about fashion! I don't have many opportunities these days to go clothes shopping, plus I'm still adjusting to my new body shape and size post-quadruplets and post-surgery (an update on that soon!). So I was excited to get out for a brief stint a few mornings ago while my nanny held down the fort at home with the kiddos. First I went to Carter's and loaded up on the most adorable outfits and holiday clothes for the quads, I can't wait to share those with you! Everything was on sale from 40-70% off, which made for some great deals. Then I went next door and perused Old Navy and was excited to find several things—also all on sale for 30% off. And I recently ordered some Nordic leggings from Dillards online and can't wait to try them out. They should be here soon.

What looks are you loving lately?
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  1. These all look just like you!!!

  2. Love Love 1 for everyday wear better then the T-shirts I wear,,2 and 4 are nice when leaving the house. You are a great at finding the sales:)
    Thanks for sharing.


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