{Weekend Recap} Thanksmas, anyone?

Yesterday was like "Thanksmas." It seriously felt like whatever the results would be if we combined the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays into one. Which is really awesome. I truly love the holiday season. I actually enjoy the hustle and bustle, the anxiousness of everyone out at the grocery stores and shops, the decor everywhere, the food, having lots of friends and family around. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside—which is especially beneficial since the high yesterday and today is 34F. And that's cold for Texas, y'all.

This is the first Thanksgiving in about 10 years that the husband and I didn't have to pack up a million things and drive just over four hours to make the rounds for as many as five holiday gatherings + parties and meet-ups with friends in a single weekend. In fact, it's the first time in about a decade that we've lived in Dallas! We were so excited to not only celebrate in town, but to have lots of family over this particular year. My side of the family joined us yesterday (Sunday) for dinner at our house and two of my little nieces came as well and had a blast in the play room and hanging out with the quad squad!

I had lots of cinnamon swirl and pumpkin pie candles lit, the house was (fairly) clean, holiday decorations were up (except for the tree - that comes on Thanksgiving) and the smell of a honey baked ham was wafting from the oven in the kitchen. Everyone showed up with their favorite holiday dish—from my mom's delicious brown sugar-topped sweet potato casserole to homemade banana pudding, charro beans, sausage balls and more—and the husband and I whipped up green bean casserole and garlic mashed potatoes to go with the ham. I must add the husband's got that brown sugar honey glazin' down. ;)

The quad squad loved all the attention, no doubt, and got the run of the house since there were enough people on hand to watch each kiddo individually! We also figured out they the babies think banana pudding is one of the tastiest things ever, and Logan was especially a fan. The play room was a big hit, too, and two of the girls (Logan and Kailey) went on a somersault spree when they realized each one earned them a round of applause from all the adoring onlookers. My nieces, Raynie and Andie, had a great time playing and neither wanted to leave when the time came. Now that's the sign of a successful family gathering!

Logan took a little catnap on her daddy's chest while he watched part of the Cowboys football game, and then daddy got a break when he laid on the floor of the play room and watched the crew for a little while. They were cracking us up with all their antics! At one point, I started tickling Harrison and then all the other babies wanted a turn too. So they all lined up in a row and momma went to town with four times the giggles. I LOVE my sweet babies!

It was a great celebration and we were so grateful to everyone for making it out to our house and bringing such yummy food! The husband and I definitely worked hard to get everything ready—from cleaning house to prepping food to taking care of the quads—but it was totally worth it and we were able to sit down from time to time and enjoy the company. Although when we sat down at the end of the day, my legs were screaming from exhaustion and I'll admit to moving pretty slow this morning. We have a couple days to recoup and get ready for "round two" when the husband's family comes over on Thursday. We're really looking forward to that and spending the day everyone. Meanwhile, I'm on my second Coke (one is usually my limit) and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to the leftovers piled up in my fridge. It's definitely the holidays!

How are you celebrating this year?
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  1. Lovely adorable sweet - heartbrakingly wonderful.

  2. I do admire your way to cope in life with kids. I love your attitude survivying and enjoying on daily bases. I know you are a great mother and a very good person. Hugs Amber.

  3. what great weekend! You need to share your hubby's brown sugar honey glazin secret;)

  4. oh my goodness- that tickle line!!!! the cutest! and funniest thing ever!

  5. Your house looks absolutely beautiful, I can't believe it looks this wonderful with quaddlers and living there less than a year! Enjoy your family celebrations!!


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