{Five Things} A Little Holiday Cheer

Everyone knows it's all about the little things. Hell, little things are what totally get me by in the week when I'm knee-deep (literally) in taking care of all my kids. You know, little things like my little glass of wine, little pieces of chocolate, little candles that smell fantastic, little movies that make me smile, little songs that bring cheer. Here's five little things that I've been enjoying...

1. A blood red pedicure with a white and crystal design - 
I always like having something pretty on my toes to look at!

2. Home Alone 2 - one of my favorite Christmas movies! We already played it 
once this season while we started putting up the first decorations 
and the quads loved dancing to all the festive music!

3. No Boundaries Yoga skinny pants with sequins and, believe it or not, they came 
from Walmart for just $12!

4. Loooove this mini Christmas tree from Hobby Lobby! They come
in three sizes and I've already got two of them. :)

5. A chevron ceramic vase was the perfect addition to my kitchen and
helped me organize all my cooking utensils before holiday meal prep! 
Also from Hobby Lobby.

What holiday items are bringing you cheer?
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