{Daily Pics} Scenes from the Week & a Video!

i'm in love with my festive stair banisters and the stockings there
(instead of near 40 curious fingers on the fireplace mantle in the play room!) 
breakfast for five! waffles, fruit, scrambled eggs and turkey bacon

fleeting fall foliage in my backyard

made these pumpkin cupcakes with applesauce instead of oil and extra chocolate chips
ps - they call for honey, no sugar!

my sweet logan bear ready for the holidays!

the new portraits of the kids i had printed on canvas and hung in our living room - LOVE!
(portraits by ryan moeller)
reading a bedtime story to my babies,
easily one of the best moments of my life every day! my heart is full!

And here's a lil video of my funny, funny kiddos:

Now it's time to get ready for our Turkey Day festivities! Have a great holiday week!
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  1. I love watching the videos of your adorable children! I do. Thank you for sharing. Thank You for keeping up such a beautiful blog. Happy Thanksgiving Amber and your family!!!

  2. I was laughing out loud while watching that video!!! Those quads are SO entertaining!!!

  3. love the canvas portraits! maybe one of you and mike could go in the center? happy holidaysss! your decorations are fab.


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