The Truth Is...

I've been wanting to publish a post with lots of photos from Thanksgiving at our house. I've been meaning to start a load of my own laundry, instead of the infinite loads of baby laundry that scream for attention. I've been intending to hang some Christmas garland in my kitchen. I've been attempting to master my to-do list, but instead just keep making more. Some dreams just have to wait.

It's in the 30s here today and the high for tomorrow is 28. Yesterday, it was 76 degrees, which is exactly the reason I took the babies to a local park with the aid of my mom and step-dad. They had a blast running around and going down the slides, even though they're all sick again with cold #4569803458940. Immune system strengthening and all that crap aside, the truth is four sick babies is exhausting! But the flip side of that truth is that four babies in swings is worth it all in an instant.

The truth is my friend, Jo Ann, graciously showed up this morning to help me out so I could escape to Starbucks to work on a deadline I'm on for a few minutes. I got my black iced tea and found a seat only to realize I had on no socks with my boots, I had a headache brewing and there was frosting from the cinnamon rolls I'd made for breakfast smeared across my forehead.

But instead of diving into my article, I took a minute to pull up a photo I snapped of Kailey this morning in her adorably cute outfit so I could admire how grown up she was looking. And I texted it to the husband, who agreed we needed to slow time down! Our babies aren't babies anymore.

The truth is I'm rockin' motherhood today. Frosting and all.
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  1. The pictures of the kids are adorable, the outfit on Kaileys is cute, but her hair is what makes the picture super adorable;)
    Love your attitude with 4 sick little ones, you are "rockin motherhood" everyday:)
    Thanks for sharing:) Hope they all feel better soon.
    ps...Today especially I am "rockin" being a Grandma, have 3 of the most adorable handsome Grandsons, but this morning found out Grandbaby #4 is a Girl!!

    1. Congrats on a Grandbaby Girl! And thanks for the encouragement :)

  2. You are THE most awesome Mom ever!!! We had a blast at the park and are so happy to be a part of this wonderful adventure!! I have loved you since before you were conceived - having prayed for 5 years to get you! I can see YOUR love for YOUR babies and it just makes me so happy!! I will be forever grateful to be your mom. Being a mother to Summer, Jesse, you and Ben has been God's highest calling in my life! I love watching you rock motherhood like no other!!

  3. You are so right....they grow up soooo fast... your are great!! They are most important right now!!...take care... your have 4 great blessings!!!

  4. That frosting thing is hilarious:) Lovz

  5. Your babies are growing up so quickly! They are adorable and YOU rock for sure! Sloooooow down and enjoy the little darlings, savor each moment because this time is PRICELESS. And THANK YOU for sharing your wonderful life with us. YOU ROCK!


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