{Five Things} Quad Squad Edition

1. The Pout-Pout Fish - This is the quad's favorite book, they ask for it to be read every night and you'll often find them with it in the play room flipping through the pages and doing their best to mimic the words they hear mommy and daddy read. It was a gift from a dear blog reader and has become a very loved tome in our house. So loved, in fact, that I just ordered another book in the Pout-Pout Fish series on Amazon this weekend!

2. Toddler Shades - I would never have believed that my fab four would actually keep their sunglasses on but something magical happened this summer and they're obsessed with wearing their shades when we go out! Splash pads, walks around the neighborhood, trips to the park—they're all for putting on the eye gear. They even ask for them specifically ("Gasses, mommy, sun gasses pease!") when we're getting ready to leave. I've bought our whole stash of toddler shades from Target, both the Carter's  brand and the $1 section.

3. Oreo Birthday Cake Flavor - If you haven't tried these Oreos yet, you haven't fully lived. I don't even like Oreos and I love these. The flavor literally tastes like a piece of birthday cake and the quads are such big fans of them that they now refuse to eat any other type of Oreo. Usually. ;)

4. Poke-A-Dot!: Who's in the Ocean? - The kiddos received two of these Poke-A-Dot books for their birthday from our fellow quad buddies and they've been an instant hit ever since. I'd never seen these books before and love the quality, the various learning opportunities they provide (colors, counting, animals, etc.) and the fact that one book can keep even Bam Bam occupied for 30 minutes straight. Amazing. The little pop "buttons" are much akin to bubble wrap and make a small popping noise when you push them in, then you turn the page and start all over!

5. Paw Patrol Racers - All four of my crew love Paw Patrol, but Harrison is the show's biggest fan. The Nick Jr. cartoon is still fairly new so there's not a lot of gear out for it yet, but Toys R Us does have a small line of supplies available. I snatched up the three available Paw Patrol cars for just $4.99 each and he play with them every single day. Success!

What are your tots loving these days?
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  1. I will definitely have to get those poke-a-dot books to get my busy toddler to hold still for a few seconds.


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