{Quad Squad} Two Year Update!

I started to type "24 Month Update" but then hesitated, because that just seems a little awkward to me. I've already converted from months to years when it comes to telling people the age of my kids. Not long ago the answer was, "They're 18 months." But now my babies are toddlers and they're two years old.

So while my kids have been napping and the husband is off on a Top Golf excursion with his dad and older brother—which I organized as a surprise for Father's Day...wife of the year, right here!—the house is completely quiet and I've opted to regale you with tales of my two year olds.

Let's start with stats (in birth order, of course!):

I find it fascinating that they all weight within three ounces of each other. The nurse asked me if I fed them all exactly the same size portions. To which I replied, "Pretty much!" (Check out some of the food the quads are served in my Tyke Bites series.)

I totally thought Logan was going to be the small fry for a long time since she was only 2lbs 6oz when she was born (not that the others weighed that more much, Harrison was heaviest at 3lbs 6oz). But instead, they all weigh close together and I've got two small petite gals—Trystan and Logan—and two tall, lanky, skinny kiddos—Kailey and Harrison. These kids keep me entertained, frustrated, deliriously happy, exhausted and energized all at the same time.

They are extremely active and mobile now, running, jumping and climbing everywhere. It's a whole new kind of challenge and busy that we find ourselves immersed in these days. We still have a dedicated play room in our home that's blocked off with baby gates, so the babies have a safe place to play and entertain themselves and give me a break. I can easily keep an eye on them while in the kitchen, doing laundry or cleaning the house. Or I can try to be sneaky and work on my laptop from the island in the kitchen while hoping no one spots me for at least a few minutes!

Here's a typical day in the life right now...

8:30-9am - wake up
9-9:30am - breakfast
9:30-12pm - play time inside and/or outside or an outing to somewhere (baths are M/W/F)
12ish- lunch
1-4 - nap time and individual play time in cribs (this works so well for them!)
4-6pm - play time inside and/or outside, craft at the table or other activity
6-7pm - dinner and get dressed for bed, brush teeth
7-8pm - play time with mom & dad (they are soooo happy at this time of day)
8-8:30pm - bedtime!

Granted the schedule can change if we're going somewhere and don't get back until late for naps or need to head off somewhere in the afternoon and do a late dinner or have a play date or the quads are sick and what not. Last night they enjoyed playing with chalk on the walkway in the front yard since the fresh air was nice after being sick in the house all week. Two neighbor kids came by and played with them and we didn't get around to dinner until 8pm. That sort of change doesn't seem to bother the quads and we just get back on schedule as best we can, but don't sweat the changes too much. The schedule is there to help us survive each day in an orderly fashion and to help those who are here when the husband and I are not! (Which is rare, but happens.) It doesn't mandate what we do and we've really enjoyed a lot more flexibility with the babies so far this summer, they have been getting to do more activities now that they're older and more capable.

Talking is at an all-time high, Harrison is a Polly Parrot and will repeat anything and everything you say. He hums tunes to songs, sings bits and pieces of ABC, the Ants go Marching, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Wheels on the Bus and more. He says quite a few short sentences and can communicate pretty much any need or desire very well. The girls tend to follow closely behind and everyone stays fairly similar to each other and the quads are constantly motivating each other to progress.

Here are some videos to show you what they're up to!

We are certainly enjoying this fun stage and are so proud of the kids for how well they're doing. It's also nice to feel like we're getting to partake in "normal life" and attend events and parties with the quads, host family get-together's at our house, get out for drinks with friends and so on.

It was a huge moment to complete their two-year check-ups with no shots required and no other doctor appointments to schedule until they turn 3!!! (Or unless they get sick, of course. We've been battling severe colds and fevers all week, it's been survival mode.) I've been so used to having at least one doctor appointment every few weeks or months....when we first started out with four babies at home we had as many as five a week!!!

So far this summer, we've spent a lot of time playing outside with chalk, on the new playground in the backyard that the husband built, going for wagon rides in the neighborhood, playing with new birthday toys and a new train/lego table, planning field trips and play dates in the coming weeks—hello splash pads!—and making sure we beat the heat as temps steadily approach triple digits. Oh, and styling mommy's hair because she likes getting it pulled and yanked.

You better believe that's Harrison, rolling on a pink trike like a BOSS. Even pink can be a little manly. That and the dude just has three freaking sisters. ;)

And in case you missed it, here's a look at their two year Bubble Guppies-themed birthday party!
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  1. I love it all, Honey! You have all their numbers and rhey have all your heart ! And ours......

  2. I love reading updates on your kids! Are they feeling better?

  3. Love the updates video and pictures.
    Those little ones have filled the hearts of so many
    Thank you so much for sharing:)
    Wishing Mike a Wonderful Fathers Day

  4. They are all so wonderful!!...and pretty much you are wife/mom of the year!!!

  5. Precious lovely sweet babies. Congrats to you parents! Job well done. 😄❤️

  6. Watched close to the lovely videos. My kids had the very same toys. Like that Tuppervar red and blue thing that takes in all the shapes. Funny!

  7. Hi Amber,
    I am a stranger just sneaking in your blog recently. I felt in love with your little quad and have read back to the first day of your pregnancy. After all, just only word of awesome for me when thinking about you and your husband :).
    Of course the squad is very cute, but I love your little bear Logan most, probably because of her quietness. I am very worried for the high fever Logan bear have suffered last week and prayed for all of your kids soon be better.
    I know how busy you are everyday with the squad, especially when they are sick :(, therefore I also sneaked in your mother blog getting update of the babies.
    Glad that all the babies are fine now. You and your hubby did a great job. Thank you very much for sharing part of your treasure :).

  8. I can't believe we are at the place of not counting months anymore. I've been just saying my crew is "almost two" because it's easier than months. I love seeing all the updates and individual characteristics of each one. They are certainly their own little people in appearance and personality. I love that!

  9. I LOVE this post, you did an excellent job as usual. VERY entertaining:)

  10. Love this post. They each have their own little personalities and look except for the pretty blue eyes. They are so cute


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