{Tyke Bites} Antipasto & Pasta Salad

Welcome back to Tyke Bites! I've got a long overdue collection of photos from a random day of meals for the quads....

Some mornings—like this particular one—I sleep right up until the babies wake up then I dash downstairs to quickly throw together breakfast. Then I head back up to their rooms to get them up and changed then escort them all down the stairs to eat at the quad table. On days I need something super fast, I rely on nutrigrain bars to get the job done! This meal included lots of fresh fruit like raspberries, strawberries and pineapple, with nutrigrain bar pieces and cheerios. Never fails me!

I have been in a major food rut when it comes to breakfast and lunches for the kiddos, so I perused the Mini Meal series over at Hello Newlywed Life—I really enjoy reading her cute blog!—for some good ideas.  One of her posts sparked the antipasto-style lunch I made, one of my favorite types of meals to eat. I did strawberries, hummus, pretzel thins, salami, olives and cheese. The kids gobbled it up! Hummus wasn't a hit with everyone since it was the first time they'd tried it but Trystan, of all people, dipped her pretzels liberally! (Normally she's pretty picky and tends to ONLY eat carbs!)

If breakfast was served late, we normally skip a morning snack. If we're on our usual schedule and they need something to tide them over, then the quads get a couple graham cracker pieces or animal crackers. Afternoon snacks are a must since they're usually hungry when they get up from naps and I've been doing little cups of goldfish medleys (whole grain fish mixed with vanilla cupcake flavored and/or pretzel fish). But I've stocked up on mini nilla wafers, mini rice cakes and yogurt-covered raisins, among other things, and intend to get a little move inventive!

Dinner on this day featured watermelon, peaches and bananas with a pasta salad also inspired by Megan's Mini Meals. I made some pan-seared Cajun-flavored chicken on the stovetop, steamed some broccoli then mixed it in with some fresh pasta, Ranch dressing, shredded carrots and shredded cheese. It was definitely edible by everyone and I also learned that Trystan likes watermelon! A big success for her in a day of food, ha.

What are your favorite meals and snacks for little kids?
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  1. AnonymousJune 11, 2014

    I tried to keep the afternoon low carb so my girl would always be hungry for dinner. Cucumber with hummus, halved cherry tomatoes, apple slices with peanut butter, chees and apples, and as she has gotten older I do a variety of slice veggies with some kind of dip. If she eats lots of veggies during the day I don't mind pasta for dinner or something similar. I try to keep the treats like muffins or cookies for the mornings as that is when we are the most active.

  2. Fresh fruit of any kind is what my 4yr old Grandson loves,he eats blueberries like some people eat chips his big brother loves salads,especially ceaser(the one kind this Grandma wont eat)
    Your pasta salad looks yummy.
    Thanks for sharing:)

  3. We do 'lunchables' (crackers, lunch meat and cheese, along with fruit) a lot for lunch because it does not make a big mess and it is quick. I wish I could just serve fruit for the entire meal for both llunch and dinner because it would make my life so much easier. Often for lunch I will take cresent rolls and fill them with lots of yummy's. Some of our go to's are tuna or chicken salad, taco (mashed avacado, taco meat, olives, and cheese), turkey club (turkey, cheese and avacado spread, and pizza (alfredo sauce or cream cheese, cheeze and pepporoni). These are a huge hit. Need to try them for breakfast with scrambled eggs, cheese and ham.


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