(Quad) Father's Day & Signs of Improvement

Father's Day was a big success this year! I found the perfect card by chance at Target and had come up with a great plan the week before. With the help of my mother- and sister-in-law, we arranged a surprise golf outing for the husband, his dad and older brother. The guys loooooved getting to spend the day together at Top Golf, drink, eat and practice their put. To top off the celebration, I gave the husband a voucher for a night at a local posh little hotel that'll be a great escape in a few weeks. He loves staying at hotels, even if we aren't going out of town, and it's one of his favorite ways to get a little R&R. Who am I to argue with that logic!?

So technically his day was on Saturday and on actual Father's Day, we lounged around with the babies, watched How to Train Your Dragon with them in the play room, took naps and worked on projects and I escaped for a couple errands and the grocery store to finish off my meal planning for the week. The quad squad seems to be ever so slowly making their recovery from being sick, at least nothing's getting worse. We're still getting up once or twice a night, but the sleeping situation is improving too. Thank God because I'm exhausted!!!

My BFF, Lisa, and her kiddo were supposed to come stay with us a few days this week but we had to cancel the plans because the last thing we want is for her little boy to get sick a week before they fly back to Malaysia! Yup, you read that right. She's been living in Malaysia for several months now and still managed to surprise me at the quad's birthday party shortly after she arrived in Texas. That's a good friend! Needless to say, we were both on the verge of tears about not getting to hang out until the husband mentioned Saturday as an option and volunteered to be on quad duty. He gets a gold star and I get to head out of town Saturday morning for an overnight visit with my bestie to close out her trip home! Perfection.

In other good news, since the babies have shown improvement after being very sick for a solid week, I'm starting to show improvement, too. I've been struggling due to lack of sleep and fighting symptoms of whatever the quad's have had. But I'm starting to feel better and more energetic and the babies have been getting antsy after being indoors so much. I purged and organized their entire toy collection, my whole closet and have started on my craft closet—which is more of a "craft guest bedroom" since all my supplies are still in there after the downstairs closet completely flooded a few weeks ago. (It's since been repaired and now we're waiting to do flooring before I move stuff back in.) I decided to put together a random Discovery Box for the kids since they were getting bored in their playroom, despite the million and one toys in there! Never underestimate the power of short-spanned novelty, which entertained them for a solid 30 minutes and allowed me to finish the task at hand. I'm currently in the process of teaching the husband my tricks of the trade in order to keep one's sanity while at home with the babies for long stretches of time. ;)

This morning was a good one. My sweet nanny (pictured below in the purple t-shirt) came for a couple hours so I had help with dishes, laundry, diapers and breakfast then we took the crew to a local park for some fresh air. A nice breeze kept the play ground from being too hot and the babies did great.

As you can see from the last photo, any remnants of a tan I once had going have since completely faded and I'm back to my pasty white legs—a definite dislike of mine! Tan in a can it needs to be. And I don't think I've properly styled my hair or put on makeup in over a week, pretty much since the kids got sick. And I wore one of my husband's shirts, holey shorts and aviators to the play ground. Cooool. Life of a mom, right!? Eek. I'll be sure to put on makeup when I go visit Lisa this weekend, ha.

After the park, it was high time to stop by Sonic so I could get a Coke to ward off my headache and the kids could get little cups of crushed ice to go with their goldfish. Ice is a huge hit around here, folks.

When we got back home, my nanny headed off and I hung out with the babies in our "adult living room"—aka no kiddo toys or supplies in there, though a wagon is creeping awfully close!—and watched cartoons. Then I threw together a quick lunch with minimal mess foods (think goldfish, raisins, dried cranberries, lunch meat, cheese, etc.) and gave them a picnic-style meal while getting to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. A rare treat!

They've since done naps, I've watched Keeping Up With the Kardashians and now we're all eating snacks and thinking about dinner. Or Bubble Guppies. Or whatever. Thankfully Grandma and Granddad are here tomorrow and I hear freedom calling my name...
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  1. Amber, you should try the St. tropez self tanner. It is amazing! Make sure to buy the glove that goes with it. You can get it at ulta or sephora. :)

  2. Love all the pics and video,your hubby is like super wonderful taking on four toddlers so you can spend time with your friend Lisa.
    Way to go with all the purging and organizing:)
    Hey going out in holey shorts, hubbys shirt, no makeup,and unkept hair is a "mom" thing,but those pasty white legs just ruined that "perfect mom" image i had of you;)
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yay for energy back and feeling better!! Great pics!!! Xo

  4. The pictures with Tiffany and the quads at the park are so sweet! She's so good with them, and such a help to you. I cannot believe how well they managed the "big kid" park! Oh they've grown up too fast.
    I love your discovery bin too. Novelty really is king! It's amazing what a little toy trading can do. It's time for that to happen around here.

  5. I'm glad everyone seems to be on the mend. I imagine it's been a tough few days around your place. I'm sure the fresh air and playtime outdoors really helped. I always say, never underestimate the power of sunshine!!!

    Sounds like you are going to have a great weekend ahead. Relax and enjoy that visit. You DESERVE it after this sickness stretch :)


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