{Weekend Recap} Memorial Day Memories

I absolutely love the feeling of knowing there's a long weekend ahead of me. Even if our plans include nothing more than hanging around the house as a family, just having the husband home for that one extra day makes such a difference in the remainder of my week...and my mood overall. Sometimes I simply crave that time as a family, together in our home, doing nothing or doing everything. Just being.

myself and the husband at the house memorial day weekend
Though it might have rained quite a bit over the duration of Memorial Day weekend, it did not put a damper on our spirits in the least. Even if our downstairs hall closet happened to completely flood and, upon discovering the leak, we had to frantically empty it of its extensive amount of contents. Important things were getting wet from my wedding album to the kid's birthday party decorations. I also use the closet as my craft closet since it's pretty spacious, so there was bin after bin of supplies to haul out and stash in the guest room. My in-laws arrived just as we'd made a huge mess of everything and they jumped in to help immediately, bless them! The husband and his dad ripped out all the stinky, sopping wet carpet and padding and mopped up all the water, even though it continued to slowly leak. My mother-in-law and I made everything fit in a somewhat organized fashion in the guest room and cleaned up the hallway, then I abandoned ship for the grocery store and grabbed an iced tea from Starbucks so I could reboot for a few minutes and grab some grub supplies for the week.

cousins chalking it up!
As I pulled into the driveway on my return, the husband's older brother and his family pulled up to join us all for Saturday dinner on the grill and a massive play time on the outdoor play ground we installed, while the rain clouds gave way to sunshine. We had seven kids running amuck at our place, and we all loved it! They played so well with each other and the quad's cousins really enjoyed all the toys and climbing equipment we have stashed everywhere, from the outdoors to the play room. Plus my crew really enjoys watching older kids at play and they have an older cousin, Hailey, who was happily providing them much entertainment. At one point she had a plastic cup of crushed ice to munch on, so wouldn't you know the other five kiddos each got one too.

family party!
myself and the husband, our 4 kids, his brother and brother's wife and 2 of their 3 kids!
grandma and logan
The sixth kiddo was the brother-in-law's newest addition to their family and is four months old. He has chunky cheeks and thighs—which are my favorite baby accessory!—so I got to do plenty of squishing, squeezing and loving on him throughout the evening. Each of the quad's took their turns holding him, with Trystan wrapping her arms around him without a moment's hesitation. The look on her face is priceless!!

grandad with both his grandsons, hudson and harrison
uncle mike taking hudson for a ride!
I gave the quads an early birthday gift to tear open—another giant bag of colorful plastic balls for the ball pit attached to the slide in their play room!—and the cousin's also gave them their gifts as well. Harrison got some really cool bristle building blocks by the B. Toys brand at Target (I love their stuff) and the girls received suuuupppper cute custom-made Bubble Guppies dresses that they insisted on wearing right then!

You better believe we fed all the kiddos dinner together! Our kitchen sees loooooots of little tyke meals. ;)

The next day was spent mostly recuperating and staying dry in between more rain showers. I met up with a good friend of mine for burgers and beers and some much needed girl time, it was well enjoyed by both parties! Afterward, the husband worked and rattled around in the garage and I bugged the heck out of my four kids, ha. Sometimes I swear they roll their eyes at me, like "Moommmmm, stop it!"

lunching with my friend, leeanne!
Memorial Day Monday held another small family celebration after an afternoon of work around the house by the husband and I. My parents joined us for hot dogs on the grill and some serious play time with the kiddos. Logan was too cute in my mom's festive flag shirt and the quad's were so happy getting to see all their grandparents in one weekend. It truly makes my heart swell that my kids are so close to their grandparents and are growing up with such wonderful influences and love in their lives.

have you tried ball park's new brand, park's finest?
they have hot dogs with dijon mustard cooked right in! 

But to top it all off, I shall leave you with this little gem of my sweet Trystan Lee, who never ceases to entertain us...

Because didn't you know hair clips aren't just for hair!?

I learn something new every single day.
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P.S. In case you missed it, here's all the fun party pics and details on the quad squad's big second birthday bash!


  1. Great weekend and pictures.
    Chunky cheeks and thighs on babies is one of the big highlights of infancy.
    right up there with hair clips in a 2 year old nose;)
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. ooohhh i will miss the last of the "chunk" on trystan when it's gone! so i'll just squeeze on other people's babies instead ;)

  2. Hair clips ARE for hair, even nose hair! Lol.

  3. I love that you take the time to share parts of your life with us, which is no small task for you in your busy days. You have a zest for life which is inspiring and seem to enjoy your life so much,even tho it is a busy one!!

    Thanks for sharing--I love it when you do. (sorry, I don't comment often, but I'm here enjoying every post!)

    You are blessed, as are they!

    1. Thanks for reading along and for the sweet, encouraging comments!! I do try to make the most of out my life, whatever the day brings :)


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