The 28th Year

I am now 28 years old. Never (ever, ever, ever) thought I'd be 28 with four one-year-olds! Sometimes the unexpected in life is the best in life. I've been married for six and a half years now and love my husband more and more every day. We've gone through many life experiences, including living overseas in Scotland for a year, and through all of them we've become so much closer. It's amazing to share your heart with someone and continue to grow with them throughout your new life together, always finding ways to continue surprising each other, romance each other and share in new adventures. We embarked on our own big adventure(s) last May when we welcomed our quadruplets into the world!

So now I'm 28. I kid with the husband all the time that I've still got a whole two years to go before I even hit 30. And no, I'm not trying to make anyone reading this feel old. (Or feel too young, ha.) My husband's only 31 anyway, so only a few years separate us. But I've loved my 20s so much that I will be truly sad to leave them. Yet with four toddlers running around behind me by the time I hit 30, I know life won't be slowing down any time soon!

For a simple celebration this year, we went to a nice dinner at Nick & Sam's. It's one of Dallas' best steakhouses and we are infinite lovers of Vic & Anthony's but they only have four locations: Las Vegas, Atlantic City, New York City and Houston. And since we no longer live in the latter it's no longer an option unless we're making a getaway to Sin City.

Anyway, I was running through Target and spotted these airy black silk-like blouses on a rack and thought it'd be great for my birthday dinner. You know, when you spot something and you immediately know it'd be perfect for a specific occasion and it was just what you didn't know you were looking for? Except I went to grab the top in my size and, of course, there's none left. I checked the rack three more times just to be sure then felt completely disappointed in my aforementioned euphoria at finding a nice blouse. However, a few seconds later I feel better knowing that everyone else is also apparently wearing the top in a size large since they're all gone. Then I realize another Target is only about 10 minutes away, so I squeeze in the detour on my way back home and, BAM, there's the top in a large and off to checkout I go. My face might have passed for the latest lottery winner I was so happy. Should I be slightly concerned or outrageously upbeat that something so small got me so excited? I'll just say it made my week. After having quadruplets, clothes shopping isn't necessarily something I look forward to.

Blouse story aside, after our delicious steak dinner—we split the 22 ounce Cowboy ribeye, by the way and whoa delicious heaven—we headed over to my favorite hotel, the W. The cocktail lounge was just busy enough to keep us awake and entertained but not too boisterous to annoy the hell out of me. We talked and joked and laughed and felt like we used to a couple years ago, BQ (before quads). When we were lookin' all swanky and out on the town in a nice place drinking our nice drinks and having a nice conversation. Good to know those former lives still exist in us from time to time. ;)

In my 28th year, filled with four babies and all the diapers, bottles, laundry and slobbery kisses they bring, little heroic moments make all the difference—blouses and all. And I hope they continue to do for years and years to come! I have certainly learned to live for the little moments, just as much as I do for the big ones. I've come to appreciate taking a few minutes to just sit with one of my babies and look them in their big blue eyes or drop everything once I put them down for naps and read that book I've been dying to finish (which is Close to the Bone by Stuart MacBride, by the way). To relish a wonderful dinner with my husband or to enjoy all the excitement that comes with a lakehouse getaway for the babies' birthdays. Which is where we're off to now! So happy weekend and enjoy a few small moments of your own...


  1. Happy Happy Birthday. So glad you were able to get out with the hubby for a nice meal and a Bud Light or two. You and your husband are a very sweet handsome looking couple and if I haven't been following your blog for a year I would have no idea that you have 4 little ones at home. So hope you have a fantastic day. Sherri

  2. Glad you had a wonderful Birthday, you and Mike are a super cute couple, and you young lady at 28 and having 4 one year olds you look Fantastic,and you have a Great outlook on life!
    Have a great weekend celebrating:)

  3. AnonymousJune 08, 2013

    You look so pretty in the last picture! : )

    Happy Birthday and have a great weekend celebrating your Quads!!

  4. I appreciated the blouse anecdote because I totally "get it"! It really is the little things that matter AQ (after quads). I thought your BQ was pretty clever ;) It sounds like you and Mike had a wonderful evening celebrating this year and I can't wait to hear about the lake party for the babies.

  5. Happy Belated and you look great!!


  6. You are still cute as a bugs ear no matter what and look great for being 28. LOL
    I feel old just thinking about running after 4 cutie pies. I remember chasing the one and she out ran the 6 boys of friends. She was a little energizer bunny.
    Glad you had a wonderful birthday


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