{Daily Pics} Head Stands & Cake Pans

daddy thought he'd go play with the babies while drinking a beer. wrong! 
trystan's favorite new face
logan at it again - kid has to climb on top of everything!
before their birthday party, i made a "practice" cake to be sure they'd eat it. no problem! 
talking to daddy on skype while he was out of town for work 
"are you serious?"

headstand-ing harrison


  1. I believe they are very interested in that brown bottle that Daddy has. LOL I believe you are the first person that actually gave their kids a taste test before the actual big event, thought that was pretty neat. And that picture of Trystan had me laughing so hard this morning, priceless for sure. I think if I begin to have a bad day I will come back to your blog and look at her picture. It just makes my day that little scrunchy face. Have a great day! Sherri

  2. What great pics!!! Never a dull moment with you guys!!

  3. Did they all grab daddy's bottle? :) :)

    Love Trystan's face expression.

    Harrison's so funny!

    Hugs & kisses!

  4. Love the pics..especially Trystans,have a night nurse who makes that same face when doing blood draws.
    Thanks for sharing,made my day happier:)


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