{Quad Squad} Birthday Celebrations

While we're out at the lake wrapping up the quad's birthday party weekend, I wanted to share some photos of the babies' one year celebrations that began even before their actual birthday! It's so awesome to have four cutesy babies turning one all together and the husband and I have loved every minute.

someone (logan) wasn't keen on pictures!
My Aunt Deanie and my Grandma both came to visit and brought early birthday presents for the crew—books! They love books, especially the hardbacks like my Aunt Deanie gives them and immediately started flipping through the pages. It was also special for them to play with their great grandma, who got on the floor to get in on all the action! She is nearing 90 and had a stroke many years ago that left her speech impeded, but she's still every bit the grandma she's always been. ;)

Next, my nanny was so sweet to show up that morning with gifts for each of the babies plus a group gift. They all tore into their gift bags filled with tissue paper, sampling many of the pieces as they went, ha. The girls got adorable matching dresses and Harrison got a polo in the same color, and they loved their group toy as well.

Then my mom and step-dad came to see the babies that afternoon. My mom said she couldn't let the real occasion go by without seeing them in person! I treasure the fact that these kids are growing up so close to their grandparents, who put in a lot of sweat and tears to help raise them from the very beginning. It most surely takes a village! The quads loved playing with the wagon full of giant lego pieces that grandma brought, it's a favorite toy to date.

Right as my parents were leaving, my mother-in-law dropped by to bring some fun birthday balloons and some sweet clothing sets for the quads. I never thought I'd like dressing them in matching outfits, but as babies there's something so endearing about seeing the girls outfitted in coordinating clothes and Harrison in something boyish of the same color scheme.

I even got flowers for the apartment :)

When daddy got home from work, we broke out the bubble machine that was a birthday gift for the babies from their fellow quad buddies. At first they didn't know what to think, but quickly attempted to catch a couple bubbles in their fingers and jumped when they popped at the touch.

It's been a great week of celebrations and there's more to share once we're back from the lake. It's also been awesome for my husband and I to simply relish the fact that we feel closer to each other, even through all the craziness, chaos and exhaustion of the past year. It's only made us stronger and a better family unit and we feel we have fully embraced being parents to our amazing quadruplets. It's enabled us to discover an entirely new side to each other as a mom and a dad, and I credit much of our success to the fact that we continue to put each other first—as a husband and wife—in order to be even better, happy, connected parents.

I also want to express my gratitude to all who have been reading along on the blog—some of you for years now, and others for just weeks. I enjoy sharing our story and am so thankful for such a supportive group out there, sight unseen, that takes the time to leave thoughtful comments, celebrate our accomplishments and lift us up in times of need. Thank you!


  1. Happy Birthday to you sweet little ones! I've followed along since you first found out you were pregnant. I'm a blog friend of your Mom's and found you through her. What a year (actually almost 2 yrs counting the pregnancy - your family has come a very long way.

  2. I love how the quads have been celebrating all week. They are so loved and precious! I'm glad they liked the bubble machine :) I am looking forward to hearring about the lake.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. You encourage and inspire.

  3. Beautiful Family!!!!! Love reading about life with 4 babies!!!

  4. What a wonderful Birthday,anxiously awaiting to see the pics of the Big Birthday Bash at the lake, and how in the world you prepared for it.
    Thank you for sharing your babies,they are beautiful, and they are so blessed to have you and Mike for thier parents:)

  5. I want a bubble machine. LOL
    They are so cute


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