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The drywall repairs and new paint started on the house today. Which is great news, because this apartment got even smaller yesterday. One of the kiddos didn't think nap time was such a swell idea (even though I insisted that it was) and I really just wanted to go sit in a room where I couldn't hear the protesting. But even with the baby monitors muted, it's just a two-bedroom apartment and there's nowhere to go. Unless I close the door to my room then to my bathroom then get in the shower and turn it on.

So basically we're all happy to hear that things are progressing on the new digs and should be ready for our grand move-in date of July 4. Although I don't intend to make it a habit to move on holidays, seeing as we left our last house in Houston on Easter weekend. The quads do consume our daily schedule so a holiday tends to be like any other day...and a weekend day tends to be just like a weekday. Sometimes it's a bit anti-climatic because I'll get all excited thinking, "Oh, tomorrow's Saturday!" But in reality, I have breakfast ready by 8am and start the day like usual and we have all the same feeding times and nap times. It's wonderful to have daddy home, though, and we're usually game to gather up the group and get out for a little galavanting. (See how I did that there? With all the G's?)

Anyway, here's some photos from the past couple days and expect some more house updates soon. My trigger finger is gettin' itchy and I'm about to start sneaking boxes of things to the new place. I've been going over in the mornings to meet with contractors and check on the repairs, so a little drop-off might be in play soon. Just gotta find something I can pack that I don't need in the next eight days...

{i always keep fresh flowers wherever i live....love these blooms for summer}

{kailey discovers the simplest curiosities can be so entertaining}

{an active shot of my four one-year-olds}

{logan's face cracks me up every time in this photo}
Happy almost-hump-day!
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  1. My 5 kiddos are grown, but I sure remember those days where it seemed like diapers, tantrums, laundry, meals and baths made it hard to tell one day from the next. I cannot imagine experiencing it all in a 2 bedroom apartment!
    So happy to hear you all are still on track to move 4th of July.
    As always love all the pics.
    Thanks for sharing:)

  2. LOVE Logan's face!!! Louis Dean said he and his truck is available!

  3. AnonymousJune 25, 2013

    I just love reading your blog, those babies are so cute! I love reading your Mom's blog too, I check everyday for a new post. I'm so excited for you and the new home & look forward to seeing everything happen! It will be beautiful!! Hugs to the babies! (or are they toddlers now that they're 1??) I'm about the same age as your Mom, wish I had at least 1 grandbaby to love on, my grands are 22, 16 & 11. Sandy/Ohio

  4. Tara JonesJune 26, 2013

    I love your blog Amber!!! That Pic of Logan is too cute!!!

  5. I totally understand the sentiment of every day being pretty much the same whether it is a weekend, holiday, or any ol day. Half the time I get my days mixed up too!

  6. I just cracked up at the look on Logan's face. Trystan looks like she's laughing at it too.

    I'm glad to hear things are progressing on the house. It's so exciting that you are moving in so soon.

    My Bible study is still praying every week for you and your family. They made me promise to bring pictures of the new house.

  7. Logan - way to go/stay!


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