{Quad Squad} 12+ Month Update!

I have to say I was a little sad when I took the babies 12 month pictures and realized that marked the end of their month-to-month photo shoots. (Of course, around these parts, photo shoots are never truly over!) I really enjoyed chronicling their impressive transition from teeny premature babies to healthy almost-toddlers. Now, I guess, it'll be on to yearly family portraits!

12 months, left to right: trystan, kailey, harrison & logan
1 month old (first photo shoot!), left to right: trystan, kailey, harrison & logan
In just the past month, which entails most of their 12th month of life, we've begun transitioning into a lot of new things. For starters, we're officially done with jumperoos and swings. We used those darn things right up until the last minute but now the babies' attention spans don't appreciate being stuck in one place and they do better in their play pen. Which involves another change, that corral just keeps growing! I can't wait until we're in the new house and they will have an entire room as their play area.

We just recently went to the pediatrician for the 12 month appointment—we were running a little behind schedule on that one. They got great reports and everyone is in fantastic health and right on track. In fact, we're evening measuring ahead! Developmentally (cognitive, motor skills, etc.) they are measuring 16-17 months!! I couldn't be more proud of my fantastic four, they're doing awesome

After the doctor appointment, I went through Chick-Fil-A and treated us all to lunch at the drive-thru. The babies got waffle fries and chicken nuggets (I dice them up and they gobble them down) and myself, my mom and my nanny all ordered our favorites. I also got some ice cream that I let the babies try out after lunch as a special treat. Harrison and Logan loved it, Trystan was too tired to care and Kailey just kept spitting it out, totally confused as to how it melted.

I was also glad to hear I was on the right track with our bottle weaning and increased table foods. Bottles are just about over. We introduced milk over a week ago and two of the babies have taken to it very well and two have not. One of the latter being Harrison, who makes the best this-tastes-absolutely-terrible-why-are-you-making-me-drink-this face every time he has to take a sip. (They drink out of sippy cups with straws.) But he still chugs along and does his best to take a gulp now and then. Spoon feeds are slowly coming to an end, as well. More and more table food is gradually being introduced, although the quads still struggle with slimy textures, like fruits, pasta, lunch meat and so on. But with continued practice, they're improving so we'll keep on with some spoon feeding to ensure they're getting enough to eat until they're more table food-capable.

Much bigger news is that Harrison is walking! He's like a wee little old man shuffling around on his cute little feet, and he's doing a great job. He can walk all the way down the hallway of the apartment, which I got on camera recently. He also loves to grab your hands for support and have you just walk all over the place with him! Kailey is starting to appreciate the practice as well and Logan has recently begun trying to take a couple steps on her own with Trystan right behind her.

Harrison Walking from Texas Take on Vimeo.

The baby bathtub has been mostly eliminated and the babies are now bathed two at a time by two adults—you might recall my disaster attempt at sticking all four kids in the tub! They love their rubber duckies and bath toys, and I recently got those little foam shapes that stick to the side of the tub and those were an instant hit.

As they continue to work on their mobility, the quad squad as a whole wants to climb on everything. Over their toys, under their toys, on top of your lap then on your head, and occasionally they'll latch a toe or two in the corral fence surrounding their area. That's as far as they've gotten but I'll cry real tears of sorrow when they can no longer be contained by a simple barrier. The crew has also taken a real interest in mommy's hair and like to tangle it up in their fingers then yank it out. I've joked that these babies are causing me to lose my hair, but not over stress—because they are pulling it up by the roots!

Everyone has at least four teeth with three to four more cutting through. That's a lot of teething and it's certainly made for grumpier babies here and there. We'll have a decent day or two then teething rears its ugly head again and everyone's in utter turmoil for 24 to 48 hours again. Infant Advil, cold teething toys and random objects seem to suffice. When all else fails, I give them a cookie to crunch on. Thank God for small mediations that curb the insanity once in a while!

daddy and trystan
Lots of changes made with more to come and soon, so very soon, we'll have a big ol' house to adapt to...and baby proof. Which could be a week-long event in itself. Either way, these days are not ticking by fast enough and I'm about to pull out my own hair. We are currently slated to begin the moving process on July 4. Do we move the babies first? Or do we move them last? But what time do we move them to the new house to least disrupt their schedule? Do we feed them before we go or after? When should we schedule the movers to empty out the storage? Except, everything we have in the apartment are necessities, so when do we pack that up? Decisions, my friends, decisions....
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  1. Hi Amber! I just recently found your amazing blog! I saw someone reference it in the comments of "The Great Umbrella Heist" blog and came over to check it out. Gosh, am I ever glad I did. I've been reading and enjoying everything you write, your style of writing, your precious babies...all so much! Your blog reads like a great book! I have been blown away impressed with all you did for their first birthday.....going to the lake house and the amount of prep and packing is astonishing. I am a mom to one child (now 13) and over the years at times felt panic getting ONE child ready to go somewhere. !!! Thank you for writing and sharing! I love the decisions!! My vote - move the babies last. Wouldn't it be great to magically have every THING in place at the new house, the babies fed and happy and walk in the door with them??? One could dream, right? Thank you, again, for your incredible blog and sharing your story!!

    1. Well what a nice comment to read! Thanks for taking the time to write and I'm so glad you found the blog as well. :) I would LOVE to have everything set up at the house and arrive with the babies and be good to go! The husband and I are working on a few plans to (hopefully) help make that happen. Sort of.

  2. Hello Amber,

    I am constantly amazed at how much you do! You have grown into such an amazing woman!! I pray for continued happiness in your new home.. (does it have a pool?) Is there anything left on your baby wish list that you guys have yet to get?? I can only imagine how excited you guys are about moving into a home that will be big enough for everyone and everything!! Excited to have the dogs back and everything! Your blog is amazing and a wonderful read; so real and down to earth.. I love the quad squad!! Heck the whole Bell squad. Peace and much love to you Amber!!

    ~Ashley Smith

  3. Great update,love all the pics.So happy to read that they are doing so well developmentally 16-17 months that is great!!
    You do have alot of decisions to make and most people(myself included) would be pulling hairs out, but if anyone can make the decisions and then make everything go smoothly it is you!! Cannot wait to read more on your move.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Turning 1 is a BIG deal!!
    the babies look great - what a year it has been!

  5. Hi Amber:

    I've been a follower of your blog before the babies were born. I'm in the DFW area as well and I have b/b/b trips that will turn 5 in a couple of days. I recently just moved as well - it was only two blocks from our old house so we thought it would be somewhat easy...wrongo!
    Good luck with the move.

  6. We just did our 11 month photo shoot and I was kinda sad thinking of approaching the final one too. Props to you for getting four babies to sit long enough to snap a pic. It's great how they not only caught up to peers, but even surpassed!
    If we were moving, I think I'd do babies last so they arrived in their new home with minimal chaos. I'd leave stuff at the apartment to get by for one evening then get up and go in the morning. Of course, with four babies plans are sure to change!

  7. Hi Amber

    It's been a while since I last commented upon an article, but I've been reading each and everyone of them, as usual. I'm super busy, I don't know if I ever mentioned it, but I work as a nanny, I currently have my two kids + 2 babies at home, so I don't have as much time as I'd like on my hands, but I'm sure you know that feeling !
    I'm amazed at everything you do !
    The quads birthday party looked awesome really, what a beautiful place, and beautiful babies ! The food looked yummy for sure.

    The babies are growing so fast ! Well they're not babies anymore. Harrison is just adorable, he's really at ease when walking, I can't believe it !
    And the girls are just priceless. I can't help but melt when I see Logan, because the truth is that she could be my youngest son's twin sister. She looks a lot like him (and everyone always mistakes my son with a girl). I'll try and show you a picture of him.

    Your new house looks amazing ! It's juste breathtakingly beautiful. And I'm sure you're gonna make something great out of it. It's gonna take time, but you'll do it ! I can't wait to see the babies' rooms once they're finished. How did you decided on who gets to sleep with whom ?

    Have an excellent day

    Your French friend,


  8. Hi! We moved in Feb with our 20 month old triplets plus our 3 yo and 10 yo. We moved about 30 min away, but used 2 giant Uhaul trucks to make as few trips as possible. The babies beds went on the last truck after their morning nap and I pushed the guys out door and on the road ASAP. The, I made them unload that truck first. Priority #1 was to get those beds in place before afternoon nap. It worked and the transition was seamless for them! Good luck!


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