New House Progress Report + Baby Bedroom Sneak Peeks!

So right now there's a hole in my living room ceiling. And one in the formal living room wall. And another in the wet bar. And the entire area behind the refrigerator is quarantined. I've got dry wall contractors and painters booked, and air duct technicians just finished sanitizing and cleaning one of our two a/c units that had become infected with mold.

In fact, mold has been to blame for much of this mess! We knew upon purchasing the house that there had been some ongoing leaks for the roof, which was in dire need of replacement. Before we closed on the house, the sellers had the roof replaced, which repaired the leaks but they were not budging on anything else. So the husband and I decided we loved the home so much that we'd just deal with it ourselves. Pouring a good amount of money into the place wasn't exactly what we had in mind before we could even move in, but I know in the long run it'll be worth it. It's our "forever home" as we keep calling it and having it in good shape is important, both now and later.

Several areas of baseboard had become rotted and infected with mold so they've been pulling out foot after foot of baseboards and several sections of wall, treating the mold and spraying it as they go. I'm happy to say that once everything is completely wrapped up, our house will be very clean! Which is good news for my bad allergies and the four babies we'll have within its walls.

Regardless to say, it's been very taxing (both emotionally and physically) to investigate contractors, meet them sporadically for estimates, select workers, oversee the progress and keep everybody from bumping into each other or overlapping too much. I leave the babies with my nanny or my mom for an hour or so when I need to run out to the house or the husband escapes work during his lunch hour, it's like playing wack-a-mole and we're popping in and out all over the place!

In between all of this, of course I've been contemplating new furniture, decor and details for how I want to set up our new place. Many (many, many, many) things will have to wait until we've settled in, taken stock of what we have and re-calibrated our budget. Sigh. But I have picked up a couple things to get me kick-started on one of the kid's bedrooms and found some other helpful photos on Pinterest that have inspired a theme.

Logan and Trystan will be sharing this room...

that corner bench opens up as a laundry chute to the washer/dryer below and will be bolted shut once we're in the house. no little babies need to go for a flight test!
and yes, that's a weird shaped window. with a weird shaped custom blind, ha.

...which we are having painted these colors (the light green goes below the chair railing)...

...and these are my inspired room pics. I want a few owls but nothing overboard and a light, airy color scheme with mostly light green, pale pink and cream.

So far, I've found a great starting piece in this owl wall hanging, a colorful picture frame for $3.99 and some sheer curtains, a score for $8!

This gem of a room is going to be Harrison and Kailey's. But I'd seriously like to knew who the hell authorized these paint colors. And those diamonds. Shudder. But I do like the nifty built-ins.

I'm putting white and gray in their room, with the gray to go on the bottom half of the wall. (The white is pretty white in person, it's looking very creamy in the image.) At some point, my mom and I will go in and paint gray stripes on the white wall that'll be above the chair railing. We did a similar striped painting job in my office at our previous home. In fact, you can read my how-to here.

I envision it looking something like the image below, and I definitely intend to use turquoise as an accent color and I'd already planned on working in a couple elephants. I know, I'm on an animal kick here!

Currently, we're planning to go with Behr paint since we've had great luck using it in the past. However, depending on the dry wall/paint contractor we end up with, we may transition to a different brand with the same hues.

I'm also ordering two white cribs as soon as we start to move, since they'll be on two-day shipping. They are going to be the same brand and model as the two cribs we already have that are dark brown (those will go in Trystan and Logan's room) and the babies will finally get to quit sharing beds. Even though they snuggle at night and sleep very well together!

I love how the two rooms are close to each other and also connected with a Jack-and-Jill bathroom. It'll be great as they grow older! The kiddos will be splitting rooms until the day someone comes up to me with a serious issue about it. I'm hoping I get at least 10 years. ;) When that day comes, we'll likely move Harrison to the remaining downstairs bedroom—which has it's own bathroom and shower—and let the girls divvy up the rooms to their liking. Although with three teenage girls in my future, I'm not sure that hair pulling, lipstick smearing and name calling won't be involved.

(For curious minds puzzled as to why we aren't immediately using the downstairs bedroom: We want all the babies upstairs with us at night for the time being, and the downstairs room is for overnight guests like grandparents who come help us with the babies frequently!)

In the meantime, excitement is mounting and we're just dying to get into our house and start unpacking. I've purchased a few other small things but have now put myself on a buying freeze (that may have been mandated encouraged by the husband) until we are farther along!

pretty blue bath towels were $5/apiece at Home Goods as well as two beige curtains for $12!

this rug and basket were clearance buys at target, i know they'll find a good home ;)
We keep joking we're going to start hauling boxes over there, except that we literally only kept necessities in the apartment so there's not much to part with that wouldn't impact our daily life. Thus I'll have to settle for paper towels and toilet paper in the new place and a bottle of spray cleaner in case I have to wait on a contractor and feel like wiping a few things down.

Not much longer...
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  1. Sooo exciting! I can't wait to see everything finished! My husband & I are in the middle (ok, beginning) of a remodel & I am itching to get closer to the fun part - decorating!!!! :)

    1. That is definitely the best part! And so worth it, after all you have to go through during a remodel.

  2. AnonymousJune 21, 2013

    I don't think you will get ten years out of a boy and girl sharing a room. That's not fair to him. He should be in his own room.

    1. I'm not much into future predicting, so we'll see what happens! But having just spent his first year sharing a room with all three girls, he'll be quite fine splitting one for awhile.

  3. I almost bought that clearance rug from Target. Can't wait to see what y'all do with the place!

  4. AnonymousJune 21, 2013

    How did you decide which girl to room with Harrison?

    1. It's very unique, both the kids tend to "pair off" sometimes, which means Trystan and Logan go together and Kailey and Harrison go together. I think it's the balance of their personalities that sort of matches them up that way or something. They may tell us otherwise when they're older, ha!

  5. Eeks! So exciting! I am sure you can poll a few quad moms about room sharing advice. Harrison is going to be fine with his sisters for a while.

  6. I have three girls and a boy in less than six years time. The boy shared a room with his sis until seven years or so. We had two empty rooms for playing until then. I guess it all depends how much the kids like company and it truly does not matter whether they are the same gender or not.
    To me your room plans sound terrific. So fun to see how all will turn out.

  7. Great house!
    Gentle rain is one of my favorite colors. Harper's room along with our room and playroom are a similar color.

  8. Cannot wait to see the rooms when completed,love it all. The quads have been sharing beds and their room since coming home do you think there will be any problems being seperated? Thanks for sharing!

  9. I've been reading your blog for a while, and I love it. Your babies are cute as can be. As mommy, you know best. My twins, a boy and a girl, have the option of having their own room, but they still choose to share. At 4 1/2, I let them decide. Your doing a wonderful job, and don't let anyone make you think different!

  10. So exciting! I can not even begin to imagine how excited you are to get out of the apartment. Can't wait to see the kids exploring their new digs? Do you plan to use the baby corrals in the new home or allow them freedom of the downstairs?

  11. AnonymousJune 22, 2013

    I too, love reading your blog! My triplets (g/b/g) are 2 1/2 and I can't imagine them wanting to be in separate rooms for a really long time! Continue to do whatever works for you :) - Jessica in Denver, CO

  12. I am a long time reader, but have never commented....sorry! Congrats on the new home. My son will be 8 in July and loves to have his big sisters who are 16 and 18 have sleep-overs with him! He only wishes they would always bunk with him! Lol!

  13. You continue to display such stamina! Needed yes. But not usual. So glad you seem to be able to grab-onto-stamina, when and where you need it.

    Of course you want the babies upstairs with you! Gracious yes! :-)

    In the future, when you know no one will try sliding down it, that laundry shoot will be neat. We had one, and used it, without mishap... Even though the youngest was about 2, when we moved in. Really. I think they were more afraid of Mommy's *Wrath*, if they tried going down it... than they were curious.

    Oh but some dolls took the laundry shoot plunge, over time. -grin- Or so I have been told.


  14. So much to do; so many decisions to make! We are tickled pink that you have found your home and that you will have so much space for your family. Are you doing Thanksgiving this year? (That's a joke!)

    1. Actually...yes I really do plan to host a family Thanksgiving dinner this year!! We're so excited to be in a house with lots of space that we can't wait to have everyone over during the holidays to enjoy it :)


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