{Quad Squad} 8 Months + Video!

As I write this, the house is quiet. Two babies are sleeping in swings and the other two are playing happily in their play pen—lovingly referred to as the Quatro Corral. Fitting, I think. Days, or moments rather, like this nearly convince me there's no way I have four babies. If I sit really still, I forget I have a hip-to-hip incision healing on my waist from repairing all the damage after carrying quadruplets. If I close my eyes in the quiet house, I can nearly imagine there's not a living room overflowing with baby toys and play mats and swings. Nearly.

And then a tiny hand finds it's way onto my lap then onto my keyboard (I'm sitting on the floor) and I have to erase and retype this sentence three times before they hit another button. In fact, I've got two sets of eyes mesmerized by how fast I type right now. All these little objects keep appearing on the screen. And then one little mouth protesting that he can't have his way with my laptop or my full and undivided attention. Which means I better get down to business, before this 16 pound little boy gets the better of me!

The quad squad in birth order, left to right.

Eight months has arrived quickly. The first few months of the babies' lives dragged by slowly. We were going through extraordinary situations like the NICU and then transitioning home and the days ticked by in slow motion, it seemed. But the past two months or so have really sped up. Especially since we're starting to meet more big milestones, like sitting up, crawling, eating more foods, interacting and so on. These babies are the cutest thing to ever happen to my life!

Typical photo after a few minutes with the camera.
Sweet Logan discovering grass.
Both Logan and Kailey can get themselves into a sitting position, even if sometimes they're a bit cockeyed and Kailey is more in the splits then anything else. We're still working on getting Harrison to belly laugh and we were sure he was going to be the first one to officially crawl, but now he's got good competition from Logan and Kailey. Any minute of any day, one of those three (or all of them!) are ready to take off. Trystan has operated on her own time table, my little redheaded muscle baby. She's solid and stout and has been "planking" versus spending much time on her actual hands and knees. It's adorable and intimidating as I could never hold the plank position that long. Washboard tubby tummy, I tell you. Although she doesn't necessarily need the crawling ability to get around. When a sibling starts tugging on her chubby cheeks or sticking their foot in her mouth, she "seal walks" away using her arms and a swaying motion back and forth from hand to hand to turn herself. It looks just like a seal and I love it. ;)

Trystan "planking."
Everybody still sleeps a solid 12 hours at night. (If you are interested to read the sequence of events and sleep training that led to this, see my post about it here.) They are super happy when they wake up in the morning and typically happy most of the day. Now and then Bam Bam, aka Kailey, screams and hollers enough to make you think she's dying of the plague but she either wants to be coddled or wants a change of scenery. We cooperate as best as the situation allows.

My sweet Kailey, with a typical "Kailey face," and Trystan behind her.
All the babies eat very well. They take four 8-ounce bottles every day, with rice cereal in the last one, and also eat two spoon feedings. They get oatmeal with fruit in the morning and a fruit/veggie mixture at lunch. They eat everything I make for them, like today's lunch of kale, peas and pears! We now feed the babies their bottles in their boppies inside the pack-n-plays then move them to their bumbo chairs for spoon feeds.

We had to lower both the cribs and the pack-n-plays because the babies were beginning to get curious and reach for the edge of the top. Kailey got busted after nap time by Grandma, so down the cribs went that evening!

My own recovery is still going well, I'm nearly four weeks out from surgery with two to three more weeks of recovery time ahead. I can stand up straight, which feels like a miracle in itself, and makes walking around soooo much easier. I can also hold the babies although I'm still limited as to how often I can pick them up, since it leaves me pretty wiped out at day's end. Yesterday we took the babies out on a walk and it felt good to be out in the sun. I can drive short distances and go to the Starbuck's drive-through down the street now and then or Target if I have a buddy to push the cart for me. I'm very, very happy I did the abdominoplasty surgery. I can already tell how much stronger and healthier I'll be for it. The nausea and headaches I previously had on a daily basis are gone, and there's still quite a bit of swelling left so I look forward to loosing that over the coming weeks.

Here's to another year, another month, another week and another day of our wonderful, crazy, baby-filled life!


  1. Adorable x4. It just amazes me how much they have grown in 8 months. The little leggings and headbands are darling. I am so glad you are feeling better and you will be ready for a marathon before you know it. :) Sherri

  2. Can't believe how big they are getting!!! SO cute and sweet! Good work, mama!

  3. They just keep getting cuter and cuter. Love Tyrstan's planking,and the leggings are adorable.
    I am so happy to hear you are doing well after your surgury.
    Keep up the great work:)

  4. Hi,
    I found your blog recently and have enjoyed following the events of your family. I just wanted to say that your babies are absolutely adorable! :) The video of the babies playing and interacting was just too cute. You are a super-mamma! Hope that your recovery continues and you feel back to your pre-quad self soon. Eight months, and beyond! :)

  5. I must read your blog too often because (don't be creeped out)last night I dreamed that I was at your house helping you take care of your babies! I specifically remember that I asked you how to tell Logan and Trystan apart. Ha! I'm pregnant, so I guess the crazy dreams are starting...

    Anyways, they are super cute...so cute that random people from the interwebs dream about them. :)

  6. Okay these little darlings need to slow down. I can't believe how they started out so teeny tiny and now look at them. ;o)


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