DIY Chalk Labels

I'm all about keeping things organized and neatly stored in canisters and containers. But I typically don't leave them out unless they're somewhat decent looking. However, when you have quadruplets and you are making 16 bottles every day, mixing oatmeal and fruit for their breakfast each morning and adding rice cereal to four bottles in the evening, it's key to have certain things within easy reach.

I bought two glass containers at TJ Maxx for around $4 and $6, then decided that rice cereal and oatmeal cereal look way too similar and created some easy DIY labels for them. I've actually used chalk paint before, like on a clay flower pot that sits by the front door. I can write "welcome" or other seasonal greetings on the label I painted on—in the exact same fashion as I did these canisters. I've also painted frame backings, removing the glass and using it as a mini chalk board for decorative purposes.

For the canister labels, all you need are your containers, chalk spray paint, paper towels and painter's tape (any kind will do).

Using the paper towels and tape, section off the shape and size you want to spray with chalk. Keep in mind the paper towels are just to protect the vessel, the tape dictates straight lines and size. Be sure the tape is pressed on very securely.

Apply a coat of chalk spray paint, being sure you've evenly covered the exposed surface. After about 5-10 minutes, apply a second coat and then let dry completely. It takes about an hour or less, at which point you can carefully peel off the tape. You don't want to wait forever or the tape could accidentally peel off dried paint.

I had a few "oopsies" spots where the paint had leaked past the tape, but I simply used a knife to gently scrape it off. Another good reason why you don't want to let the paint sit for hours, in case you need to correct a spot!

Then I used a white chalk marker to write my cereal labels on and added a few dots and curls for flair.

And that's it! Now my jars are easy to read but if I ever need to change the content, I can just wipe off the chalk marker and rewrite a new label. Easy peesy!


  1. Yep, I doing this for sure! :)

  2. Thanks for the tutorial as I have been wanting to do this for awhile. You did the wine glasses at one time too, or was it the same thing? I need to do this on my fridge for messages. Always love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I haven't done wine glasses, but want to some day. You can spray paint the bottom part of the glass and use it as a name plate, write the guest's name so they know who's glass is whose.

  3. Wow this looks easy enough for a non crafty person as myself.
    Thanks for the tutorial:)
    Have a Great Weekend.

  4. We love it on the wall in the play room!


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