Tiny Baby Belly Laughs

Sometimes you just have to smile and laugh for no reason. Or for every reason. Or for just a little reason, like mommy making funny faces and weird noses. Trystan hasn't giggled loudly or talked much like the others have come to over the past couple months, but she's beginning to now. She has this teeny, adorable little voice that talks very quietly, like she's making absolutely sure you're paying attention to what she has to say. And I just had to share these adorable little belly laughs she belted out the other day.

T-Bird Getting Her Laugh On from Texas Take on Vimeo.

Now you can have a great weekend. ;)


  1. sometimes i forget how incredible babies are, thank you for reminding me!

  2. Love a little one giggling, she is so cute:)
    Thanks for sharing, made this gloomy cloudy day a little brighter:)
    Have a Great Weekend also:)

  3. Oh my goodness! That had me laughing out loud! I can get my little guy to laugh pretty easily now but hes not to the belly laughing stage yet, I can't wait!! She has the cutest laugh!


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