{Weekend Recap} A Super (Bowl) Time!

For the Super Bowl, the husband and I didn't exactly plan to galavant off to the nearest bar and slosh back brewskies all afternoon. Hanging out with our quad squad sounded a little more ideal and we ended up having a great weekend, four babies and all. My BFF, Lisa, graciously spent her weekend helping us out (I'm still pretty limited on physical activity after surgery) and her sweet husband took care of their baby boy so she could be away overnight. He was born only 16 days before my own crew—we had always planned to have kids together and I'd say we timed it pretty darn close!

A photo from last year: Lisa (left) at 26 weeks with her little boy and myself (right) at 14 weeks with the quads.
First thing we did after feeding the babies their 8am bottle on Saturday was to run off to Target for a little shopping. I'd really been wanting to go but needed a buddy to push the cart for me and load all my purchases onto the checkout counter...and carry my bags. Ha. Lisa was all too willing so we split a bag of popcorn (yes, at 9 in the morning) and proceeded to browse nearly each and every aisle in that store. I stocked up on my new favorite face mask packets for 87 cents apiece, my one indulgence! I also loaded up on clothes for the kiddos at 70% off, selecting items sized 9 to 18 months. I love buying ahead because it means I can shop clearance racks without pressure and when they size up, I have a whole tub or more of apparel ready to go.

New threads for the crew.
When we got back, we spent time outside in the front yard with the babies. A few quilts on the ground and a couple beers for the adults and we were in business. We even did their afternoon bottle feed outside as well, and thankfully it was a slow day in the neighborhood so we didn't attract any extra attention.

On Super Bowl Sunday, we dressed the babies in red to support the 49ers—even though our good faith didn't really work and they lost the game. It was fun to be festive and those babies of mine looked pretty darn adorable.

We also took our new-to-us quad stroller out for its inaugural venture. The babies were so patient while we adjusted the eight million straps and within 15 minutes of rolling out of the driveway, they were all asleep!

After that we played with the babies and watched Kailey learn how to sit up in Kailey-like fashion...

Aunt Lisa and two of the girls.
Kailey learning how to sit up...or do the splits.
...and we fed babies stuff like carrots and apples. They are good eaters!

Then Lisa baked cookies and brownies and I grilled fajitas and we pulled together all the extras like queso, Lisa's guacamole, salsa and more. The husband's brother joined us for dinner and the first half of the football game.

All in all, it was a great weekend that went smooth as silk and the babies were so well-behaved and well-tempered the whole time. It was nice to kick back and have a friend around, plus my mom and step-dad got to hang out at their RV home and relax. Because they showed up Monday morning with smiles and ready to work! And I'm grateful every time... ;)


  1. What a great weekend, sorry your team didnt win the Super Bowl..yeah Ravens;)Looks like alot of great food.
    This Grandma is always looking at the clearance racks at Target for good sales for the Grandsons be it clothing, books or toys.
    Love the quads in the stroller,they are all so doggone cute,but I still think Harrison is a majorly cute;)
    Thanks for sharing,have a Great Weekend.

  2. Great pictures - I have never seen a stroller like that and wonder if it is heavy and/or awkward to push? At least the babies were comfortable in it!

  3. Love seeing you all out with the stroller! Don't you feel freedom being able to take a walk yourself now?

    Your hair is cute, you need to post a how to for that do ;). Quad mamas need quick, easy, cute styles to try.

  4. Love the family pictures. So sweet! It looks like they love getting out and about in their stroller.


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