Happy Birthday to Me!

So today is my birthdaaaaayyyyy!!!! It most absolutely is my favorite day of the year. :)

It's been a nice celebration, too, which started on Friday with a Tuscan "date night" cooking class at Sur La Table. We made some super yummy foods that I can't wait to share with you tomorrow. I brought home the full recipes to recreate them on our own time for another date night at home soon! We picked up some great tips, too. 

Next we attended a good friend's wedding in H-Town on Saturday. She was a gorgeous bride and we are so happy for the newlyweds!

Yesterday was spent lounging around at home watching our shows (we're currently working our way through the first season of Rookie Blue - love it!). Then we took the dogs to a nearby dog park where they had a blast running around, swimming and jumping through the pet-friendly obstacle course. The dog pool had some blue dye in it though, kinda like toilet water, and Shiner was sportin' a silvery sheen when we left! But it went away after sudsing them both down when we get home, even though they kept giving me the eye like "Mooommmm, we like being dirty!"

Being in the jolly birthday spirit that I am, here's a look back at the past couple years and how they went:

 2010 was spent in Rome, most notably the Coliseum - a dream of mine!

2009 was a pool party fest with some of my closest girlfriends

2008 was spent at the Ghostbar in Dallas - it was an amazing night out!

2007 I visited a good friend in Lubbock, TX while she was working on her masters at Texas Tech - the girl loves to dance!

2006 I turned 21... on 6/6/06. Lots of people told me not to go out (due to the evil nature of that date!), but we did and all was fine. We hit as many bars as we could in College Station until I was down for the count. :)

That's enough of memory lane... it's time for me to get to the pool for a little afternoon sun. Who said working for yourself (and from home) didn't have benefits?


I love to hear from any readers out there, just keep it clean and friendly!

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