Daily Pics: Girls Day in Dallas

It's a rare commodity that my sister, myself and my mom all get to spend time together. With demanding schedules, cities apart and my sister's adorable one-year-old, it's a miracle when our schedules do collide. During a recent day in Dallas, we were all able to lunch together, thrift shop in Dallas and talk our little ears off during an afternoon trip to Starbucks. :)

From top to bottom:
1.) Meeting my sister at her snazzy office Downtown
2.) Liquids with lunch! Guess which is mine?
3.) Turkey chili and a skirt steak salad at Breadwinners Cafe and Bakery
4.) A post-lunch photo op of yours truly
5.) Finishing off our day at Starbucks!

 - - -

Niagara has been lovely so far... I'm diggin' the cooler temps! The husband and I are off to Toronto now, I hope to get some photos up soon. Time flies when you're having fun. ;)

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  1. This is one of my favorite posts! Guess it is obvious as to WHY!!


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