Makin' Like it's Sunday

Hi ya! What are you up to this fine and glorious Sunday? I'm taking a break indoors to get a little relief from the triple digit temps out there before tackling the lawn with a, well, lawn mower. The husband and I need to sweat out some beer from last night anyway. We joined our next-door neighbors for a Mexican birthday party that, despite being for a 14 year old, had tons of Modelo handy!

That's me, a few beers in...

...and a cute turquoise necklace & bracelet set I made for the birthday girl.

Today we slept in late again (until noon, it was glorious) then I made pizza, salad and garlic bread for lunch and we watched TV. After we felt like we'd already accomplished so much, it was hard to figure out what to do next... *sarcastic eye wink*

So we loaded up our two horses dogs and headed to the dog park. They love going there, especially for the big dog pool they can to swim around in and fetch their dummies we throw for them. There's also a little obstacle course that Jersey manages pretty well. She's our acrobatic dog!

Well, I better quit procrastinating and get out in the yard to help the husband. I can hear the weedeater running already... plus, we have to finish up in time to head over to a friend's house for a family dinner. I think I might, for once, actually be refreshed and ready to conquer a new week tomorrow. ;)

Have a good Sunday!!


  1. getting anything done in this heat is a good thing...

  2. I am SO glad you are re energized! Sounds like a great weekend! We are waiting a few more days before we do our yard. It hasn't grown much in this heat. I will see you next Sunday!!

  3. AnonymousJune 19, 2011

    Hey gal!
    LOVE THIS BLOG. Again, you impress me so much with all that you do. Your house is BEAUTIFUL...i LOVE the TEXAS theme everything. I'm going to have to try your delicious recipes. And you're jewelry looks beautiful. (Send me one!!!) So you do everything from home?? I want to move to be your neighbor, we'd have so much fun! Right now I'm getting really into sports performance training and personal training, etc. I do love cooking when I have time, but i hate the CLEANING! ;) The weather has been awful here....super cool & rainy for majority of June-I'm questioning where our summer is! I definitely need to visit soon...maybe in August when I have free time! :) xoxoxoxo Ali

  4. Yeah, you are a WAY better wife than I am. I don't go outside during the summer unless there is a pool involved...

  5. Did you say Jersey or Mike did the obstacle course? LOL


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