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Ahoy, there. If you're looking at the date this blog has posted, and then maybe swiped a glance at the date of my last post, then yes indeed I cop up to the fact that it's been a wee while since my writing has graced your presence. Or, uh, your presence has graced my writing. Either way, it's been a bit and I always hate to leave the blog unattended for so long. But life goes on, right? Indeed, dear reader, it does. So let me spare some details on what I've been up too!

The title of this here post is already slightly indicative of the subject matter, though not entirely true. If you've been a reader of my blog for the last year or so, you'll know that my mom and I are very close and we love to visit each other whenever possible. So I was thrilled when she and my step-dad decided to make the hike from Dallas to Houston to stay a weekend with the husband and I, and also celebrate their six-year anniversary with a day trip to Galveston.

They always prefer to drive in the Godforsaken hours of the morning when taking a road trip. Well, that's really more my step-dad. He knows that whatever time he intends to leave, he needs to tack two hours onto that and then he's got himself a dadgum accurate-as-a-bullseye departing hour. My mom (and myself) are never ready on time, rarely arrive anywhere as scheduled and are always scrambling to finish other things on our way out the door. But my sweet-as-pie step-dad is rarely bothered by such details, and simply works around them, sparing only a shoulder shrug and a silly grin.

All that said, they hit the road at about 4 or 5am, my mom slept during the four-hour journey, and they arrived at our house just after the husband and I had gotten up and around. We spent the day catching up on things, making lunch, visiting Hobby Lobby and dropping by the community pool for a dip. Then that evening, the husband grilled some delicious beer can chickens for a casual dinner in the drive(way) with our neighbors across the street. (I have a recipe AND a how-to video to post on this soon!)

Meanwhile, I cooked and mashed (and ate) some garlic mashed potatoes...

Both dogs got some yummy ham treats, then received extras from their doting grandma! I love how my mom laughs and squeals when these giant dogs clobber her with their noses or lick her arm to death. It's so cute and such a relief, when so many others clamor to get away from our miniature horses large pets as if they were about to be covered in slobber. (Though there may or may not be some truth to that...)

The evening held plenty of entertainment as we ate, drank and talked with our neighbors and soaked up the cooler summer night air (basically, 99 degrees instead of 110). My mom even had her first beer! A Shiner Ruby Red made with hints of grapefuit. She's still not a beer-drinking fan but she did enjoy the brew.

Before packing up to head off to Dallas, my mom and I took my two dogs to the dog park. Even though it was hot, they had a blast swimming, running the obstacle course and finding some huge mud puddles to get into!

Of course, all of that muddiness led to a hose down... they both acted like little kids that had been put in time out!

I'm bouncing around cities this week and have quite a bit going on - including family time, a casual dinner party, a 5:45am flight to catch and some vacationing up in Toronto and Niagara - and I hope to be able to share some fun photos and details on it all. So stay tuned and have a great week! 


  1. We loved every minute!!! Thanks for a wonderful anniversary weekend celebration!

  2. Looks like y'all had a great time!

    Enjoy your vacation!

  3. Your mom always leaves me the sweetest comments! Nice post!


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