My Recipes: Rodeo Beef Casserole

Howdy cowboys and cowgirls, saddle up yer kitchen because it's time to rope in a new recipe!

Ha, okay, so maybe I'll drop the country-time lingo while divulging this awesome dish I came up with the other day. But it's got grilled corn, poblano peppers, jalapenos, tortilla chips and all kinds of other good stuff, er, stuffed inside and I just couldn't resist! Plus, my photos came out soooo pretty, which is always a bonus. Natural light is the best light, unfortunately my lil kitchen can only take so much and natural lighting just isn't abundant there. But it is shiny shiny over at our kitchen table... so I set up the food by the window so you can really SEE it. And it's in my pretty new blue dish from Sur La Table (where we took our first cooking class) that I scored on clearance for $12! *happy dance*

Let's get to the good stuff, shall we? I mean, aside from the most gorgeous food photos you've ever seen in your life, right!? 

It's recipe time... grab a pan, y'all!

**Note: I purchased beef patties that came with corn, cilantro, cheese and jalapenos already mixed in them. I was going to make burgers, but didn't feel like eating that after I had thawed out the meat, so I came up with this recipe instead. You can add similar ingredients to your beef before you put it in the pan, or you can go without. The same rule goes for the rice! Our HEB had microwaveable bags of frozen white rice with corn and poblano peppers already mixed in. Cook your rice of choice and add cooked or steamed corn and sliced steamed peppers as you wish if you can't find the premixed version.

2 pre-seasoned beef patties at your grocer's butcher counter OR 2 lb. ground beef
1 bag frozen rice w/ corn & poblano pepper OR 2-3 cups rice prepared to directions mixed with one can of corn and 1/2 a sliced poblano pepper (steamed)
1 can black beans, drained
Lawry's seasoning salt
1 lime
Fresh ground pepper
Dried or fresh cilantro
Tortilla chips for garnish and serving
Shredded cheese of choice for topping

*If you are not using the pre-seasoned beef mix, it might also be good to add in some jalapenos (from a bottle is fine), onion and cilantro on your own to pump up the flavor. Plain beef can taste bland against the other items in this dish! I also had a cob of corn leftover that we'd grilled the night before, so I shaved the kernels off and added it to my pan as well. Get creative - see what's in your fridge!*

Place the thawed beef in a large saute pan over medium heat and let it begin to brown gently, crumbling the meat with a spoon or spatula. When it's half-way cooked, turn the heat up to medium-high to finish cooking the meat through. Stir often. While the meat is cooking, steam your rice mixture, then add to the pan of cooked beef. Stir in your beans, cilantro and any additional ingredients you've chosen to add. Sprinkle the pan with Lawry's and a liberal amount of cracked black pepper. Squeeze the juice from one lime into the pan, as well, and stir thoroughly. Let heat through, then pour into a large dish. Garnish with tortilla chips around the edges and sprinkle cheese on top.

Git 'er done!!!


  1. This sounds delicious! We are at CiCi's Pizza having lunch and I am showing GRANDMA your blog posts!

  2. Looks absolutely fabulous!!! and you are right.. the pictures came out perfect!

    I will have to try this ;)


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