Viva Espania!!!

Our trip to Spain was, in a word, awesome.

It's the last trip we scheduled during our year abroad, so we kept it simple: have fun. No sight seeing, no traveling around to various cities, no jampacked itinerary.

Instead we stayed four nights in Malaga at a resort smack dab on the beach.

And when we weren't lounging in the pool...

Or by the beach...

We were at a friend's nearby villa partying the day away.

Now that's a vacation!!!

Much of Spain that we saw reminded me of Mexico, but a nicer, classier Mexico. We struggled through communicating with the stilted Spanish we could recall, which seemed to work well enough.

We also got to enjoy some taaaaasty food, like paella! I ordered the "mixed paella" at a little seaside cafe for lunch one day and it was so good. Thick yummy rice mixed with chicken wings, pork, fish, shrimp and calamari - it was fresh and I loved the slow-baked flavor.

After we enjoyed eating at Hard Rock cafe in Venice so much, we took a taxi into Marbella (about 30 min away from Malaga) to grab some dinner at the Hard Rock there. Loaded nachos, ribs and fries, get in my tummy!

I think the highlight of our trip, though, was watching the World Cup final around so many excited Spaniards as they cheered their country on to victory. The pub we were at literally exploded when the clock wound down and Spain was declared the World Cup campiones!!!

Mass street parties and craziness ensued post-World Cup!

Minus Paris CDG airport losing our bags on both flights, it was a fantastic super-fun trip. The perfect way to cap off our year!!

Don'tcha just love when life's a beach?

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  1. I DO love it and I KNOW you do!! Glad you have had a 'Beach Fix'....and I am looking forward to you being HOME soon and perhaps whipping up some of these fantastic things you have been eating and cooking! I have sure missed you this weekend with US Open being here.....my heart longed to see YOUR ballet legs and open spins out there in the pool!


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