Clear as Glass

There's just something so elegant about a cluster of gorgeous petals propped inside a glass jar.

Jars and Bottles

I've saved several pickle jars and decorated them with frosted glass paint for a unique effect.

Mason jars are especially multipurpose. You can make wire handles or paint with stencils to personalize them and use for gifts or storage.

Keep it simple and use a mason jar with small branches from your yard or sticks of wheat, like this one.

Organize crafts or supplies with some mounted boards and a couple of hose clamps.

If all else fails, they work just fine as a drinking glass. Cheers!

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  1. I see some glass craft projects in your NEAR future! Perhaps you could teach US in art class one Tuesday! That would be so much fun! I am sure I could get what we meed from Hobby Lobby...let me know the 'ingredients'...


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