One last trip...

We are one day away from our final trip while living abroad. It won't be our final trip to the UK/Europe forever (we intend to take a return vacation to Italy and also Greece), but it marks the end of our adventures from Scotland.

And I'm actually a little sad about it.

I mean, I'm excited about the trip, don't get me wrong! We're headed to Malaga in Spain and I've been dreaming of the beaches there for weeks now.

This is our hotel, image courtesy of Expedia.com:

Looks pretty suave, right?

This trip involves no major sightseeing, no strenuous schedule and no hopping cities. Just a nice leisurely sun-soaked holiday in the sand. Does Spain have umbrella drinks?

I pulled out my tatty looking suitcase (it's taken a beating since we moved here), and the beach towels are washed and ready for their Spanish debut.

This trip marks the last time I depart the Aberdeen airport headed for an exotic destination, anxious to know what awaits. Now we're only about 30 days away from our flight to Texas.

My, how time flies.

I remember when we first arrived in Scotland and how freaking excited and nervous I was all at the same time. And I definitely remember listening in awe as our cab driver rattled on about the new Donald Trump golf course and resort that's destined to go in just outside of town. (I could've sworn the guy played William Wallace in Braveheart, if he'd looked a little more like Mel Gibson. He sounded just like him!)

I also remember nearly crying with excitement when our shipment from the US arrived and I could add a little bit of Texas to our home here.

Boy, we've come a long way.

There will be time to reflect later, when I've done the last load of laundry in the tiniest washer ever and when I've packed up all our things and returned the flat to it's "original" state. And most of all, when we walk out of our Scottish space and head home. Truly home.

But right now... there's one more adventure to be had! Let the fun begin!


  1. when do you guys come back to the US? I am sooo jealous of all of your traveling, that's one thing I wish we did more of but I just don't have the vacation time to do it!

  2. I remember that video of your arrival in Scotland with the taxi driver! Wow! How the year has gone. And how I have MISSED you! I know you have had some wonderful experiences adn I have as well! Thanks for all the Arm Chair Travels you documented so well. I feel like I have actually BEEN to some of those places! And we so enjoyed OUR month with you and Mike in Scotland! Have fun in Spain. Rest up for all the work involved in returning to the USA....and your room is all clean and the cats and Louis Dean and I are ready to pick you up at the airport! It is now OFFICIALLY 29 days and a wake up!!!


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