Heavy Metal

**UPDATE!: Enter promo code "letteredcottage" for a 10% discount on these goodies through the end of the year!**

I just finished reading the latest post at The Lettered Cottage, which then led me to this super cute website filled with adorable, inspirational gifts, books and accessories.

I love patriotic pride.

Tincan postcards? Yes, please!

I can always use a chic notepad. I'm forever writing down random thoughts and to-do lists.

And the prices are so affordable! Which is great for my kind of orders: one for you, and one for me, one for you, and one for me....

How great is their video?

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  1. You always find the most interesting things! Did I tell you what our art project will be on the 10th of August when YOU can join us? Notecards with matching book markers....painted in acrylics with Tuscany scenes! This class is in YOUR honor and Sabrina will be leading it! She is REALLY good at this!


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