Party for Two

I love the 4th of July!!! The red, white and blue, the festive parties, celebrating our nation's continued freedom and the great people that have made it possible, BBQ'ing and sunshine!

As I posted before, this particular 4th was different for us... being in Scotland and all. But we certainly made the most of it. Our past week had been super busy, neither of us being home after work for about five days in a row. So we made plans to enjoy some down time and celebrate the holiday together with several of the things we'd normally enjoy at home.

That's starting with American food, of course! We headed to TGI Friday's on Saturday evening for some appetizers then caught a movie at the theater across from the beach. (I'll admit we saw the new Twilight installment, Eclipse - it was pretty good!) It was one of the warmer, sunnier days that Aberdeen will get. Summer will be over here shortly after we leave in August...

"I'm having a party
A party for two
Invitin' nobody
Nobody but you!"

I thought of Shania Twain's lyrics when Mike and I got started with our day today. A little grilling, some great movies, a couple drinks, some cornbread (courtesy of my mom's care package!) and some Coors Light makes for one great way to celebrate the 4th in Scotland!

Speaking of, we just started Independence Day so I better go get comfy on the couch. This is one of my favorite movies to watch with my mom, we love quoting it:

What do you say we try that again?
Yes, yes. Yes. Without the "oops". Thataway.
Forget the fat lady. You're Obsessed with fat lady. Just get us out of here!

Here's a little collage of our "4th Abroad!"
What did you do for the holiday? Post a link to your blog entry about your Independence Day celebrations in the comments section, and let freedom ring!!!


  1. Great posting! And I am going to DO it! Post a link that is! Right after I write it....which will be right after my nap!
    PS....we (and the cats) enjoyed our skype visit! Counting the days DOWN!

  2. http://lindaslifejournal-artlady1948.blogspot.com/2010/07/independence-day-past-celebrations.html

    I did it!

  3. Sounds like you're having a great time - I love your mom's blog. She reminded me to watch Independence Day with her post about it being a tradition with you all. Me, too - since 1996! Ain't I been saying it? For ten damn years...


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