Shopper's Lessons

So hopefully most of you know about my FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY!!! It's the turquoise-related post I made last week, and on the docket was a pretty turquoise coral bracelet and matching earrings.

If you noticed I said "was", well, let's just say I've learned my lesson about giveaways.

And rule #1 is to actually have the product you want to giveaway in hand, before you announce you're giving away said product.

Because when I went to the store the next day to pick up the bracelet and earrings... the bracelet was GONE! There simply were no more left. Popular, I guess.


So instead I picked up the same coral bracelet but in a natural hue:

But I did manage to snag the turquoise earrings I'd promised:

And there's still one day left in the competition for you to enter!!

1.) You must be a follower.
2.) Go to this post and leave a comment.
3.) The competition ends tomorrow night and I'll annouce the winner of the bracelet/earrings Wednesday morning!

In the meantime, I've decided to postpone my sweaty, painful, endurance-challenged trip to the gym till tomorrow and walk over to Union Square to return an item and browse a couple shops.

I swear it almost feels like I'm in a normal (and by "normal" I mean slightly more American) mall, until I turn around and see this:

Nothin' checks your reality more than granite buildings and the stinky smell of the fish harbour.

And then I see this and think of Hobby Lobby in the US and all the fun, crafty things I can't wait to buy there. The selection here is not the same. Or maybe it's the demand that's different.

31 more days until we are back in the US of A!

Until then, please make me a happy camper and be sure you've entered my giveaway contest. It'll be the only time I can mail you something from Scotland!


  1. Just think....when you get back even routine things like a trip to a mall or a run to Hobby Lobby will be special like it has never been before! How very much we take for granted in our lives! I am going to count my blessings today....a trip to Sam's (what would you give for THAT!!) and to the Dollar Store, Big Lots, Feed Store (for bird seed and dog food) and Home Depot! I am going to paint my kitchen wallpaper! Not that you can actually SEE that much of it! Thanks for reminding us about the blessings of 'the little things' we take for granted!

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  3. Hey...I like your blog's new look! Well done!


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