Easter 2014 & First Egg Hunt!

Easter weekend kept us pretty busy spending time with our families. First, we headed to my mom's house on Easter Sunday for some festivities, dinner and the quad's very first Easter egg hunt! We were glad they were feeling well enough to enjoy the fun—all four had come down with colds and low-grade fevers several days before and runny noses and coughs were rampant.

But sickness aside, the babies quickly caught on to the idea of filling their baskets with eggs, although Trystan preferred to open them and eat the goodies inside as she went! We got lots of fun pics and one family photo in the process. Thanks to my mom and my younger brother for stuffing and "hiding" the eggs!

(Warning: photos galore coming up!)

My older brother and his family joined us in time for dinner, and their three kids were very excited to see the quads again! I thought it was cute when Harrison went to join his older cousins on the couch and the girls hung out with their older cousin watching Bubble Guppies. :) Plus my mom and step-dad fed the quads dinner in their strollers so that all the adults/siblings could actually sit down and talk and eat together! That was really thoughtful and special. It's truly something when I'm out with the babies and can not only eat a hot meal all at once but also not be drenched in sweat. It's the little things!

The husband was off work the next day and we headed over to this parents house for our Easter celebration there. It was extra special since the husband's grandmother had stayed in town an extra day so she could see both us and the quads. They loved getting to run around new territory and my mother-in-law gifted them adorable chick Easter bags filled with all kinds of goodies! Her house also got peppered with goldfish and mini M&M's, since she'd filled all the plastic eggs with treats and the babies were now pros at popping them open and gobbling up whatever was inside...minus a few stray pieces. ;)

I have to say, Harrison looked pretty dapper in his tie! He was able to worth it for both occasions, it was a very worthwhile $5 investment at Target. And the girl's were adorable in their pink sailor dresses (also an Easter gift from my mother-in-law) and pink and white straw hats I'd snagged in the dollar section at Target. Cute cute cute!

It was a great holiday for us and next year we hope to make it to church with the kiddos. In fact, attending a local church is something we'd like very much to be able to begin doing soon. Hopefully we can find a place that is a great fit for both us and the quads with a great children's ministry! Meanwhile, we certainly enjoyed reflecting upon our blessings and the wonderful miracle of Jesus' death and resurrection as well as spending time both with family and at home, just the six of us.

Well, I'm finally back in the saddle after dealing with the quads being pretty sick for the past week and a half, Kailey having a very bad allergic reaction to some meds—but no ER trip needed, thankfully—and recovering from making all the rounds for Easter. (It still takes me a couple days to get my energy back!) Look forward to a Weekend Recap and some Tyke Bites posts coming soon as well as deets on my very exciting upcoming weekend getaway!
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  1. The girls left their hats on - I'm impressed. Don't think our little one (13mo) would do it...this is off subject but I thought abt you the other day and wanted to ask. Have you let your kido's play "Peek-a-boo Barn"? ( an app for iPad or iPhone). It's so cute and our gal just loves it, even tho she can't repeat the words yet. Just asking. I think you would like it if you're not familiar with it already.

  2. LOVE THIS POST!!! I've been waiting for your Easter post. Looks like the Quads had a terrific time. I love that you all got a family photo. It turned out beautiful. The girls look so precious in those hats. Perfect for Easter :)

  3. I've been waiting for this post also but read on your mom's blot that the kiddies weren't feeling well so didn't expect it too soon. Can your kids get any curer? Their outfits are so adorable. Bunny ears and Easter hats. How sweet. And I love that tie on Harrison. They are growing up so fast! The Bible study at my church still pray for the six of you every Tuesday morning.

  4. What a special Easter!
    A sweet flash back for me were those sailor dresses!! I used to dress my three daughters in those for years. The ones I cherish still were the Laura Ashley dresses. I bet you are familiar to that brand after staying in Scotland for a year. Priceless. Also the flower dresses by the same brand are so so cute.
    Happy you are in the saddle again

  5. The girls outfits are adorable and Harrison is such a handsome boy. Glad they had an awesome Easter!

  6. Love every picture!! Harrison with a tie,and the girls outfits adorable,love the hats.
    Glad you are back in the saddle,missed your posts;)
    Thanks for sharing

  7. It was such a special Easter Sunday! Thank you for coming.....it is a lot of work to haul four kids around i k now! It WILL get easier! Loved the pics from Monday, too!

  8. I love their Easter baskets, the adorable dresses, and the tie! I can't get over how handsome your little man looks with that haircut.

  9. Wonderful photos!!! How cute can they be? LOVE the pink dresses, hats and Harrison's grown up tie. :)



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