I'm Leaving...

I'm outta here! Not in a bad way. In a ridiculous, I'm-so-excited, I can't believe the day is finally here sort of way!

Months and months ago, myself and a group of fellow quad mammas (from Texas to California to Wisconsin) decided that we all needed to meet in person. We'd be talking daily on Facebook and text message for nearly two years and had become fast friends. A support group within our larger community of quad moms—which is also nationwide—and we couldn't survive without the insight, encouragement, advice and feedback that our group provides. So we worked out a date, picked a place and put our plans in stone.

After patiently waiting and biding our time, the day is finally here! I will be driving two fellow quad moms with me down to the Austin area, where we'll meet up with three more. There were a couple ladies who weren't able to join us but I know will be with us in spirit as we relax and enjoy our company in person for an entire weekend! I've got two small surprises for the girls when we get to our condo and can't wait to show them around the Hill Country, an area near and dear to my heart (I went to school at Texas State in San Marcos, after all).

In the meantime, I've got a couple posts for you over the weekend and look forward to sharing details of our momentous trip when we get back! Say a prayer for our safety and one for the husband to survive with the kiddos while I'm gone! ;)
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  1. Awesome! I admit to tearing up at the pic of you in your used to be vehicle! You have come such a long way, Honey! You are the best mother Louis Dean and I have EVER seen and we know the Holy Spirit has given you wisdom beyond your young years! Have fun! Relax! Rest! Rejuvenate! You put in months and months in the hospital, NICU, those early days (that lasted for months!) of sleep deprivation! It is time for YOU! How special to have these wonderful quad moms to celebrate Life with! I feel like i know most of them through this whole quad experience! Yall have a ball!!!!

  2. This is GREAT! I'm happy for all of you! Well deserved!

  3. Have a great time. I love hearing about the Quad Mommas trips. I am most certain the husband will do just fine. I think your title should be I'm Leaving.....and not on a jet plane. LOL


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