{Quad Squad} Fat Lips & Easter Egg Baths

This was not our first trip to the ER (this was), and it's not our first major accident at home. But it was the first one that came with loads of blood and had me panicking for a split second. Kailey fell in the kitchen while balancing on a window ledge and caught her chin on the edge of the quad table. Her top teeth went nearly all the way through her bottom lip and she hit hard enough the skin outside her lip split open. Ick! I felt so bad for my sweet baby girl but not even 10 minutes later she was laughing and running around the house acting like nothing had happened, aside from voluntarily holding a frozen teether in her mouth and licking her lip every two seconds.

The other three kids, meanwhile, were not amused and screaming bloody murder, the food I had just put on the stove was starting to burn from being forgotten and our two dogs were on the patio barking incessantly at the back door from all the commotion. I really just wanted to cry. (Thankfully things weren't as bad as the shit-filled day from a few weeks ago!!) So the husband whisked Kailey off to Urgent Care where they glued part of her lip, and I salvaged what I could of dinner and fed my remaining three babies, cleaned them up, cleaned up all the food, fed the dogs, dressed the kids for bed, put away leftovers, cleaned up the kitchen, ignored the giant pile of dishes in the sink and mopped up all the sweat on my face. As soon as Kailey got home I scooped her up and gave her some serious cuddle time, or as much as she would have anyway! She wanted to walk around the house and carry her squeeze pouch with her (she had a couple for her dinner, poor thing) and then I got her dressed to join her siblings for bed time. It was nearly 10pm, so waaay past their usual 8pm pillow deadline, but thankfully everyone had calmed down and happily went to sleep.

I think I knocked out three glasses of wine, two TV programs—which I watched without moving a muscle, I was so tired!—and a warm shower before I was able to calm down and go to sleep. Sometimes my stress levels just get to a point that I have to physically and mentally reel myself back in and bring it down notch by notch before I am good to go again. (In case you missed it, here's the post about how I deal with our busy life day in and day out!)

The kids slept wonderfully most of the night, except for Kailey waking up twice and I rocked her at midnight and the husband rocked her at 2am. Unfortunately this morning wasn't so peaceful....

I took Logan with me to run errands since she was the loudest of the group and left the other three with our wonderful nanny. She had even brought me a Coke to kickstart my morning (an occasional habit of mine!) because I had told her to come at 8 instead of 7:30 since it'd been a long night. She knocked out that looming pile of dishes in the sink, folded laundry and helped me with my cleaning list for the day. What a trooper!

Logan and I got our errands done and picked up Dickey's Barbecue for lunch since I had a coupon, and the babies gobbled it down. Note to self: turkey and honey ham for the win. Then they had a bubble Easter egg bath, which was also a hit! Next was naps, which went very well, so things are looking up.

i have taught the babies to sit on their towels
until it is their turn to get diapered and dressed!
To cap off the week, here's an adorbs photo of me and my four muchkins out in the front yard on a nice sunny day, pre-split lips and tantrums...

Hope your weekend is of to a great (or at least better) start!
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  1. Thank heavens stitches weren't needed. Hope things are off and Rollin' in a positive direction now.

  2. Glad that her accident wasn't worse. There is nothing that can throw a wrench in your day like an injured child though. I'm heading off to read the post on how you handle your days. I really need to know this!!!

  3. Teaching them to each sit on their towels is amazing & really reduces the stress level! Very smart, I don't think I would have thought about that. But I guess when you have 4 the same age you think of a lot of things to make it run smoothly:) Great job!


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