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One-on-one time with my babies is a rare thing. But it's a very treasured thing. This week started off right, with a shopping trip to Target accompanied by my favorite red head! My mom came over after nap time and watched the other three kiddos while Trystan and I headed out. We perused lots of the aisles at Target after she snapped herself into the seat of the cart, and she talked and pointed out pretty things and had a perma-grin on her face the whole time! We split an iced green tea from Starbucks in between her applesauce squeeze pouch and left with a couple good finds. It was one of the best ways to spend a Monday afternoon. ;)

fabric cube drawers for trystan and logan's room,
hopefully they'll soon find a home in a new book shelf.
i hope to create a look like this one!
balloons for the quad's birthday party in may!

cute pants for the girls for $2.50 each. yes, please!

After Target, we stopped by Ross to look for some 8X10 frames for a project I'm working on in our laundry room. I didn't find anything I liked in that department, but Trystan found a cute $5 piece of wall art for her room! She pointed to it on the shelf then held it in the cart the whole time we were at the store and kept admiring it and brushing her hands over the crystals on the front. Momma can't say no to that!

the wall art trystan selected :)

a cute frame for $2.99 that'll be a nice addition to trystan and logan's room as well

clearance shoes for the girls

wall rack for the laundry room, a deal at $2.99
Over the weekend, I'd made it out on a few errands and scored a few more buys as well. After judging a synchro meet Saturday morning, Carter's was calling my name since I had a coupon and some store credit to burn. Can not believe I'm having to start buying 24 month sizes!

sweet rompers for the girls, probably for their 2 year pictures!

polka dot shorts on left from carter's, other 3 shorts were previous purchases from target

clearance overall set for harrison and a cute dinosaur shirt for $4, also 24 month sized!

found these in the back of the clearance rack for $5.99, the girls love the sequins!

how cute is this outfit for the summer!? even better since it was 60% off!
We've been working on child proofing a few more things, like the DVR buttons that the kids love to attack both in the play room and our "adult" living room. I snagged a set of electronic shields at Babies R Us and they work great! They are basically clear plastic pieces that stick onto the DVR with velcro tape so you can remove them temporarily if needed. The kids were totally confused when they kept trying to punch all the buttons without success. And Kailey tends to always dump out her snack cup in the play room, but I switched to snack catchers with screw-on tops (buy one, get one half off!) and they work perfectly. Yay for less mess!

Old Navy is next door to the Carter's I go to (as is Trader Joe's, always a plus!) and since I'd won a $100 Visa gift card from a blog giveaway, I decided to do a little shopping for myself! 

$5 henley tees, love the lightweight fabric!

this cozy peach sweater was a great find on the clearance rack for $14 and will be
perfect for cool spring days (hello white shorts!) as well as next winter with jeans and boots

loved this summery top in a cheery color, also a clearance find, $8.99!

i loved the subtle sequin sparkle on this long sleeve top, also on clearance, $10 i think

these tanks were on sale for $2 each and will be perfect for sleeping
and the headbands are cute and comfy, $5/pack

Speaking of Trader Joe's, I just had to pop in and grab some of their fresh flowers, some roasted coconut chips, organic PB cracker sandwiches for the kids and this lavender lotion. I'd never tried it before, but it really does smell like a spa and absorbs great and moisturizes well. Definitely a new favorite!

Oh, and then of course our shipment of diapers came in. Actually, this is only the amount of nighttime diapers and wipes that we use in a month. Our daytime diapers (also Luvs) comes in a whole other super sized box. I have a subscribe-and-save order on Amazon, and since I have more than five automatic S&S orders, I get 20% off! Which makes for a great diaper deal and a happier momma, since I don't have to remember to go to the store every month and lug around heavy boxes.

Great finds (and gift cards!) and all, nothing beats an afternoon of errands with my sweet T!
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  1. Wow, great buys!! And love that you got to spend an afternoon with your girl!!


  2. Looks like an awesome day and lots of great deals. I am so addicted to that Green Tea at Starbucks as well. It is so yummy but I can only do it a few times a month as a special treat for myself. Have a great day! Sherri

  3. What great bargains you found, love the peach sweater,your darling little shopping partner Trystan looks to be loving every minute wiith her momma.
    Side note watching 3yr grandson made the quads banana bread french toast this morning he loved it,so did grandpa;)
    Thanks for shsring.

  4. I love that you make time for each individual baby....your Mom is so awesome to help out...I know her and LD love every moment they spend with them...and we enjoy all the stories on her blog

  5. I love that you do individual time with the kiddos. I think that is so important!
    You got some great deals while you were out.

  6. When my kids were small, it was so special to take just one out with me at a time. We could relax and have some special treats. So fun! Love all your buys, esp. the little art wall decor Trystan picked out. So cute!


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