Easter Festivities

I woke up this morning so grateful for Jesus' sacrifice on that cross and the price he paid for our sins. And I'm so grateful He chose to bless us with four happy, healthy babies and has stayed faithful to providing for our every need as we raise our instant family.

Feeling a little better this morning, the husband and I were in the kitchen fixing breakfast by 8:30am as the babies start rustling around and waking up. Fortunately they ate tons of waffles—they haven't been eating very well at all for the past week—even if it was hard for a couple of the cuties to wake up!

We surprised them with their Easter baskets in the play room after breakfast. They got cute little bunny bags full of goodies—a book and toy truck for Harrison, flower headbands and wands for the girls, plus rabbit ears, Smarties candy, carrot-shaped chalk and new art smocks from Ikea!

I also had some stick-on mustaches in one of their baskets, so of course we had to try those out! They lasted about 10 seconds.

Now the babies are down for naps and I've got a bag packed and ready and their outfits laid out so we can change them when they wake up then load the car and head for Grandma and Grandad's house! We'll have their first Easter egg hunt over there in the grassy green front yard followed by Easter dinner with my three other siblings and their spouses and kids. I haven't been with all my brothers and sisters since several years ago, my younger brother just moved back to the Dallas area after a couple years living in California, so we're looking forward to a sibling reunion this afternoon.

Hope you and yours are celebrating the reason for the season and remembering Him on this special day. Happy Easter!
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  1. How wonderful to be with all your siblings! Have a blessed Easter!

  2. cute Easter baskets and love that family photo!! Happy Easter! xx

  3. cute Easter baskets and love that family photo!! Happy Easter! xx

  4. Happy Easter!!...We are all so blessed.... I'm sure the time at Grandma's was wonderful... She was probably more than over joyed:)

  5. Look at those precious babies, such a blessing!!! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I'm so excited to see pics of the egg hunt :)

  6. Love, love, love, the black lab looking in the window like "um hello, why do they get all the attention now?" LOL!

  7. I just LOVE the picture of them all with bunny ears on!

  8. Lovely! I know as a mother of four challenging but so very lovely!

  9. Lots of little bunny ears. Cute pictures


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