{Weekend Recap} A Mini Makeover, R&R Retreat & a Tire Guy

I have to start off this Weekend Recap post with the events of Friday morning. The day my little man lost his baby curls. Sniff. But I didn't cry! There wasn't time, ha!

My wonderful nanny and I got the kids up and dressed, fed them breakfast, put shoes on everyone and they excitedly followed us out to the car to head across town to my hair salon so Harrison could get his locks trimmed. I'd been putting it off for awhile but his hair was starting to get pretty scraggly and it was simply time. We were running behind schedule, the salon got our appointment time mixed up and Harrison threw up right as we pulled into the parking lot. But as we were sitting in the waiting area with all four kids in the stroller and I was wondering what in the world we were going to do, a sweet lady nearby offered to give up her appointment so that Harrison could get his hair cut. She was all smiles and told me she couldn't imagine what it took to get four kids all the way to the salon and back, much less to have to return for a separate appointment. I was so touched by her kindness and we did, indeed, get to have Harrison's hair cut and she still got to squeeze in her appointment as well. Nicest thing that any stranger has done for us any time I've ever been out with the quads!

Harrison had his blue stuffed doggy with him (a hand-me-down from his cousin Rayne, thanks Aunt Summer for passing that along!) as well as snacks and he sat in my lap but refused to wear the cape. You win some, you lose some. The girls looked on from their strollers, happily taking it all in and stuffing bunny grahams into their mouths.

Isn't he handsome!? As you can see, he started to get upset toward the end and made a super, super sad face at one point and started to cry a bit. But soon as the cut was finished and his feet hit the floor, he was all smiles! All the ladies in the salon clapped and cheered for him (because they were definitely all looking on at that point!) and he was eating up every second. He ran around a little bit and soaked up the attention, then we loaded him back into the stroller and made our exit. One lady ran outside after us to ask "questions" and see the babies and I saw another recording us on her phone at one point (a client, not a stylist), but overall everyone was so nice so I chalk it up to a winning outing! ;)

We stopped by the husband's parent's house for a surprise visit since we knew they happened to be home, and they were overjoyed to see the kids. Who were extremely well behaved all day, I might add. Sometimes miracles do happen! We had planned to eat lunch out, but ran out of time so we headed home for PB and honey sandwiches, followed by nap time. A very, very wonderfully long nap time.

Friday evening was special because, after a long day, I got to head over to my mom's house to spend the night. Our nanny had come back over for a quick two-hour stint and helped me do the quad's dinner, then I left when the husband arrived and she helped him do baths and get everyone in bed and the kitchen cleaned up. (Seriously, what we do without her!?) I arrived at my mom's house not feeling so hot, but was glad to see her and Louis Dean and spend some time with them. We had steaks, sweet potatoes and salad for dinner and settled down to watch some serious TV. But I fell asleep after just one show—with their white cat, Maggi, on my stomach—and decided I'd head off to bed. My mom snapped a couple photos, I've shared two of them below. She was so sweet and set up a little vignette in my old room complete with iced down water bottles, coconut water, my two favorite wines, a fun wine glass and fresh flowers. All things I love! 

Unfortunately, I battled a headache all night (and tried not to think about the same early symptoms that ended up sending me to the ER a few weeks ago) and still felt pretty bad when I got up in the morning. There's nothing quite like the comfort of your mom and she rubbed my head, got me some meds and put me back to sleep. She made sure not to make any noises that would wake me and I got six hours of uninterrupted rest at last. Feeling somewhat improved by 2pm, I joined my mom in the kitchen just in time to visit with my Aunt Luann for a few minutes before I headed back home to Quadville and mom hosted a Fun Gals party. She's always up to something. ;)

Saturday evening was a pretty simple one, nothing out of the ordinary. But the kids were being extra funny and playful after we got them dressed in their PJs, so the husband and I hung out with them in the play room and just enjoyed their company. Those moments are the best!

Sunday was a good day all around. Since it was cold and rainy out, we spent the morning in the play room with the kids watching Captain America (we're going to see Winter Soldier tonight!) and hanging out in cozy duds.

I still can't get over big man's new do! Anyway, for lunch we indulged in steaks to-go from Texas Roadhouse. The babies were eating good that day!

When the babies went down for naps, I switched out a bunch of their toys in the play room like I do every week and the husband helped me get it all organized and neat. I like to create little areas within the play room for them to enjoy some of their favorite toys, whether it's a car mat station or a place for them to play with their princess castle, which currently sits atop a beautiful quilt a good friend of ours made for Trystan! The kids love laying on it and sometimes roll up in the quilt like a burrito. Faux greenery and books on the mantle keep the place fresh and fun.

The husband also picked up a load of landscape timbers for the new play ground area we're creating in the backyard. I can't wait until it's finished and we have a new area for exploration! The kids do love being outside. The entire back yard has seemingly turned bright green overnight. Spring has arrived!

Later that afternoon, I finished my meal planning—also a Sunday ritual—and took Kailey with me to the grocery store. We made a haul. But not before grabbing some green tea and lemon pound cake at the in-store Starbucks! She is such a spitfire, my Kailey Poo.

Of course I was all too happy to come home to my big man running around and talking like crazy. "Mommy home, mommy home!" he kept repeating. Warm fuzzies. (Just ignore my messy house in the video, time has been fleeting! Although I am trying out a new weekly house cleaning schedule I created just for myself, you can find it on my Pinterest here.)

Now we've kicked off a busy week and I was up and at 'em. By 9:30am, I'd already done breakfast, cleaning, work and laundry and was finishing up with a trip to Discount Tire. I got a tire on the 'burb fixed (two screws in it, one complete with a lug nut) and when it was ready, the Discount guy handed me my key and said "Soooo...there's four car seats in there...?"

Me: "Yup, I have quadruplets!"

Him: "Wow, I mean, I couldn't even...I guess congratulations?!"

Just another day in the life, even when my kids aren't with me!
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  1. Oh, I loved seeing all the pics!! Can't wait to see you all in the morning!!

  2. Oh my gosh Harrison looks so grownup,and sooo cute:)
    Looks like you had another great weekend.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. That is just the cutest haircut for Harrison. Loved all the pictures. Thanks so much. So glad I met your mom on BlogLand, and she introduced me to you.

  4. Hi Amber, I couldn't see it before, but with
    Harrison's haircut, I think he now looks like
    his dad. Little man is such a cutie and
    stands out now and has his own
    identity from his pretty sister's...Suzy

  5. How a simple haircut can change the looks of a child. He looks so grown up and so handsome. Glad things went semi well and thank goodness for a few great people left in this world. Have an awesome day! Sherri

  6. You amaze me. I just don't know how you keep everything so nice and organized with 4 little ones. It seems it would be impossible!

  7. I read your blog all the time! I just wanted to say that you and your husband seem like excellent parents. I read your blog in awe and wonder how you do it! You are so organized and you have a great support system. :)


  8. Ahh Harrison looks like such a big boy now!!! I love his haircut - what a little stud!!! And I am soo thankful that stranger let you take her appointment - it truly shows there are still some good people in the world!

  9. LOVE the haircut! He looks so GROWN!


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