{Quad Squad} The Bedtime Stampede Video

I wanted to share the adorable scene with which we end each of our days. After waking for breakfast and getting everyone changed, passing biscuits and eggs around the table and on the floor, play time or an outing followed by lunch and naps, more play time and Baby Einstein videos and exploring, dinner, baths, four sets of teeth brushed, fresh PJs on and one last round of water, we open the gate to the hallway and eight little feet pitter patter over to the stairs...

(pardon the shaky, crazy video—I was capturing the moment but watching the kiddos with the other eye!)

They are my heart and soul and I love them so much.

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  1. How adorable!!! I am so looking forward to seeing this in person this week!!! YOU and they are my heart as well!!

  2. I love their bright, happy faces! They are just adorable! Thanks for sharing such a darling video. I loved them running out of the gate!!

  3. This video brings back memories of my four kids. I know Not Exactly the same but pretty much so. It is so very wise to ask them climb up the stairs ..... :)

  4. Adorable... :) xx

  5. Love it!!
    Thanks for sharing:)

  6. They are so cute! I couldn't keep the huge grin off my face watching this!

  7. Love the stampede but I don't think Trystan was quite ready for the final night night.


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