{Travel} Colorado Weekend

For a little while now I'd been needing a small getaway of some sort, to recharge and have time off as a "mom" and relax! Fortunately the husband was totally on board and even booked a flight for me a couple weeks ago to go visit one of my best friends in Colorado. Better yet, I flew business class there and back, which means free drinks. Whoop!

I arrived ready to go and we went to a local brewery for beers and barbecue then on to a dive bar literally called Dive Inn. After closing that down, we headed back to her and her boyfriend's house and crashed. I slept until 10am, which has been unheard of for a couple years now! ;)

Once we got going the next afternoon, Jessica's boyfriend was a true gentleman and was DD, driving us up to Central City further in the mountains to gamble at the casinos and catch some scenery. It reminded me an of an old school mining town and the exterior and interior of the casinos and hotels were very reminiscent of such. I may not have walked out a huge winner but $100 got me a long way on the black jack and roulette tables! Plus we played darts and drank doubles the whole time we were there so I call it a winning night. 

Another leisurely late morning later and I had a couple hours to spare before my flight home. We headed to Linger for lunch—formerly known as Olinger mortuary and now dubbed an eatuary—sporting a rather sunny hipster rooftop patio. She got chorizo and egg tacos on blue corn tortillas and I chowed down on a pretty dang good chili relleno and got a sunburn on my chest in the shape of a cardigan top. Pretty cool. Out front, we were able to snap a couple pictures in a mini pumpkin patch...looked too festive to pass up!

Next we headed to downtown Denver and walked through a couple local shops, browsing everything from clothing and kids stores to a really cool kitchen and accessories place. The weather was high 70s and before we headed off to the airport, I had to switch out my boots for Sperrys. Just two nights ago it'd been in the low 30s!

All too soon, it was time to head to my gate so we said our goodbyes at the airport and went our seperate ways. I miss Jess all the time and wish she didn't live in another state (come back to Texas now!!), but treasured our weekend together so much. A big thanks to her and Jason for hosting me and to my husband for taking care of the kids all weekend!

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  1. Wow what a fun getaway weekend!! If anyone deserves it you sure do.
    I am not a good(afraid I would lose all my money) at the tables,enjoy the $1 slots.
    As your mom puts it did you have alot of "damage control" after leaving the kiddos and hubby alone for a whole weekend;)
    Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Thanks! No damage control - he got quite a few home improvement projects done and had laundry and dishes under control. He and I both tend to work harder when the other's away!

  2. I'm so happy you got a little girls weekend away. I know it was much needed! Those boots are adorable! It makes me pine for a true fall down here.

  3. So glad you enjoyed our lovely state of Colorado. (I sure love living here). Central City was one of my favorite places to go explore all the historic mining stuff before all the casinos moved in. Even panning for gold. So glad you were able to enjoy all colorado in the fall had to offer. Including our beautiful weathr. Hopefully you were able to see some fall colors too.


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